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What does this mean?
We weren't able to find any active Adult voucher codes - we checked for vouchers on Twitter, Facebook and all the major voucher code sites. This usually happens when the retailer doesn't offer voucher codes, however it might simply be because our comparison technology isn't working currently or if we haven't checked for new vouchers in a while.


Why do only some retailers offer voucher codes?

This could for a variety of reasons, including: they may be the cheapest already, they may have not run any promotions recently, or they may find their shopping cart doesn't offer voucher redemption.

How often does your technology check for new vouchers?

Every day, at least once.

How accurate is your voucher comparison technology?

We launched in November 2012 so it's still early days. We are constantly fine-tuning, improving and twiddling with our data - however we may still miss a voucher code by accident. If you find an active voucher that is not currently listed, please tell us.

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