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That probably means they don't offer voucher codes at all.

What does this mean? We weren't able to find any Active OR Expired voucher codes for Next - we checked on Twitter, Facebook and all the major UK voucher code sites for you. This usually happens when the store doesn't offer voucher codes or hasn't given out a voucher code in at least 6 months.

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FAQs about this result:

Why do only some retailers offer voucher codes?

This could for a variety of reasons, including: they may be the cheapest already, they may have not run any promotions recently, or they may find their shopping cart doesn't offer voucher code redemption.

How often do you check for new vouchers?

Our systems and staff are working 24/7, we check each retailer at least once per day.

How accurate is your voucher comparison technology? launched in November 2012 so we'll admit that it's still early days. There is a load of fine-tuning, twiddling and refining our results and data behind-the-scenes. Of course, we may still miss a voucher code by accident. If you find an active voucher that is not currently listed, please tell us as it'll improve our data gathering and algorithms.

Anything else I can try?

Try this: Tweet @Next and request a voucher code right now!