Best answer: How do I add a discount on reverb?

Can you bargain on reverb?

Can I make an offer as the seller? Yes. This is a great way to turn an ongoing message thread with a potential buyer into a sale.

How do I edit my reverb listing?

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Head to your Listings Page.
  2. Locate the listing you’d like to edit, and click the “Edit” dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Edit Listing”.
  4. Update the listing information, and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  5. All set!

Can I offer free shipping on reverb?

Reverb offers sellers the ability to set shop-level dollar thresholds for Free Shipping. What does this mean? If buyers in your domestic shipping region purchase at or above your selected dollar threshold, they will have free shipping automatically applied.

How do sales work on reverb?

Reverb’s Pricing is Simple and Straightforward. Listing your gear for sale is free and easy. When your instrument sells, we deduct selling and transaction fees from the final selling price, and you keep the rest. Why should you sell on Reverb?

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How do I bundle items on reverb?

What do buyers see?

  1. Next to the original shipping price on listing pages.
  2. In checkout.
  3. In the cart.
  4. “Combine & Save” row of your items on your listing pages.
  5. A “Combine & Save” filter on your shop.

What are watchers on reverb?

When you’re “watching” an item on Reverb, you’ll be notified when: The price of that item drops by 10% or more. Another Reverb user makes an offer on the item.

How do I relist an item on Reverb?

How to cancel a Reverb order

  1. Head to your Orders page.
  2. View your Unpaid Orders.
  3. Select “Cancel Order”
  4. Select the Reason for Cancellation from the drop-down menu.
  5. You can select “Relist item for sale” if you want it back up on the site.
  6. Select “Cancel Order”

How do you call Reverb?

Reverb support can be contacted at or at 1-888-726-2728.

How do you find drafts on Reverb?

Log in to your Reverb account.

iOS App:

  1. Select “My Reverb” on the bottom tool bar.
  2. Select “Listings”
  3. Select the filter icon on the top right.
  4. Select “Status”
  5. Select “Drafts”
  6. Select “Apply”

How long does a seller have to ship on Reverb?

Reverb requires that all items are shipped out within 3 days of the payment clearing.

Who pays for shipping on Reverb?

If the item you purchased arrived damaged or not as described, and you reported the issues to the seller or Reverb within 7 days of delivery, the seller would be responsible for the return shipping costs.

How long does it take to get paid on Reverb?

Depending on your specific bank, payouts may take 1-3 business days to appear in your bank account after initiated by Reverb. If a deposit falls on a weekend or holiday, the payout should be sent on the next business day.

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Can you make a living selling on Reverb?

Making Offers and Negotiating Pedal Prices

On Reverb, it’s extremely easy to make an offer on a listing and carry out a negotiation. … Not only is this a great place to spot deals, but in many cases, if a seller slashed their price a little, they may be willing to go even lower.

Is selling gear on Reverb worth it?

There are a lot of decent and completely functional avenues to sell your gear, but Reverb is very much worth checking out. When I sell gear, I use Reverb out of pure convenience. It’s incredibly easy: everything I’ve listed has sold.

How much does Reverb take from sale?

For all sales on the site, Reverb charges a selling fee of 5% of the total sale amount (including shipping) after your item has sold. The minimum fee is $0.50 and the maximum fee is $500.