Best answer: How much discount do you get with a B&Q Trade Point card?

SafeContractor members can now enjoy 10% discount on practically every product at B&Q and TradePoint.

Do tradesmen get discount at B&Q?

Card holders entitled to cash back. Tradesmen will also receive a discount on showroom products, such as kitchens or bathrooms. …

Can I use my B&Q trade Card at Screwfix?

B&Q tradecounters and screwfix use the same catalogue. They are the same company.

Is TradePoint the same as B & Q?

TradePoint is the trade only arm of B&Q, offering a huge range of trusted brands.

Do you need a trade card for TradePoint?

And it’s free. All you have to do is prove you’re in the trade and you’re in. You just need two forms of ID like a business card, letter head or another of the approved list of ID’s we accept and you’re ready to get signed up in-store or online. Sign up to TradePoint in-store at hundreds of locations nationwide.

How much is trade discount?

The trade discount may be stated as a specific dollar reduction from the retail price, or it may be a percentage discount. The trade discount customarily increases in size if the reseller purchases in larger quantities (such as a 20% discount if an order is 100 units or less, and a 30% discount for larger quantities).

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Does B and Q still give 10 discount?

Diamond Card customers will continue to receive great benefits of B&Q Club membership including: … 10% discount on food and drink in B&Q Cafes.

Do you get discount with a Screwfix trade account?

They give you time to carry out the work without having to pay up front so have time to fit the items, get paid for it before having to pay for them. If it is reputable ‘Trade Counter’ you will be getting lots of discount, mine varies between 60% and 10% depending upon the item.

Does Screwfix trade discount?

So, think it’s worth mentioning trade account to your local Screwfix as there no requirements to show you’re an actual business. Think it comes with 10% discount on all prices.

Can I use my B&Q staff discount card at Screwfix?

20% off in store. No discount at screwfix however they can get discount in store…. … You get a 20% discount unless it’s a head office promotion then you pay the price which is still a good deal even without the discount.

Does B&Q still do over 60 discount?

If you’re aged 60 or above and have B&Q’s ‘Diamond’ loyalty card, you can get a 10% discount on gardening products at B&Q stores every Wednesday. The Diamond scheme and over-60s discount is no longer available for new customers signing up – only for those who already have their card.

Does B&Q offer NHS discount?

Does B&Q do NHS discount? Unfortunately, at the present time, B&Q does not offer a specific discount for NHS staff. However, savings can still be accessed via the B&Q Club (which provides exclusive discounts and offers) or by using one of our codes.

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Who is TradePoint?

TradePoint is B&Q’s trade-only arm and offers trade prices on a large range of the trusted brands used by professionals on a daily basis. There are branches located throughout the UK supplying all the products needed for your building and maintenance needs.

Can I use my B and Q discount card online?

Your B&Q Club reward vouchers can be used when shopping in store and online. … In addition to the welcome voucher you receive, you will also be emailed a voucher every day that you shop when you use your Club card in store or online provided you are opted in to receive marketing emails.

Can I use my TradePoint card online?

Can I use the discount online? Yes the discount will be applied automatically online when you make purchases using your TradePoint online account.

How do I get a traders card?

To become a TradePoint member you just need one form of ID to prove you’re in the trade, like a business card, or company invoice. Once you are ready to join, you can either sign up in-store by bringing your proof of trade with you, or online by uploading the ID to your account.