Can you get Argos staff discount online?

How do I use my Sainsbury’s colleague discount card online?

To use your card for Tu Clothing Online you must register your card by completing the Colleague Discount Registration form at You will receive an email within 5 days confirming your discount card is now ready for use when you shop.

Can Sainsburys staff get discount online?

12 weeks into your role, you’re eligible for a handy 10% off your shop. That’s every time you spend with Sainsbury’s, Argos or Habitat, in store and online.

How much is Sainsburys staff discount at Argos?

As part of their reward package, all Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat staff receive 10% discount on their shopping at all three brands.

What discount do Argos staff?

People report getting a 10% staff discount at Argos. Based on 119 job reviews from people who work at Argos.

How do I use my Sainsburys grocery discount online?

If you want to use your coupon online, you can find these coupons in your Coupon Wallet (as long as your account is linked to the Nectar card number stated on the front of the coupon) when you log into your Online Groceries account. Click here to log into your account.

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Does Sainsburys staff discount include alcohol?

Sainsbury’s employee discount only really applies to none temporary staff, after you pass your probation. 10% off all items (excludes beers, wines, spirits etc.) There is no discount for the Retail staff.

Do you get sick pay at Sainsburys?

Sainsbury’s has confirmed that all staff who are feeling unwell or self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic will be paid in full.

How do I link my Morrisons discount card online?

How to register for your online discount

  1. Step 1 – Log in to Open and log in or register your shopping account. …
  2. Step 2 – …
  3. Step 3 – Find Customer Number. …
  4. Step 4 – Tick to Continue. …
  5. Step 5 – Details. …
  6. Step 6 – Password. …
  7. Step 7 – Registration. …
  8. Step 8 – Link Account.

Can you use Sainsburys discount card on petrol?

Does Sainsbury’s take fuel cards? Yes – you can use fuel cards at Sainsbury’s fuel stations as an alternative method of payment to debit/credit cards and cash.

Do Sainsburys staff get discount at Currys?

Employee discounts available at major retailers such as Currys (9%), Sainsbury’s / John Lewis (4%) and Amazon (2%)

How much is Sainsburys staff discount?

Sainsbury’s staff will also get a 15% discount in stores for five days around each payday. Argos, Sainsbury’s and Habitat staff will continue to get a 10% discount at other times.

How do I add my Nectar card to my Argos account?

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your Argos account – go to your “Account’, then select ‘Ways to Pay’.
  2. Add your Nectar details – you’ll need your Nectar account password and card number.
  3. To collect points, pay online, sit back, relax and check your Nectar balance in 30 days.
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Does Argos discount student?

Argos doesn’t currently offer a student discount, however it offers year-round sales both online and in-store, and you can also find great discount vouchers online.

How many employees does Argos have?

Argos (retailer)

Trade name Argos
Revenue £4.1 billion (2016)
Operating income £83.1 million (2016)
Number of employees 29,768 (2016)
Parent Sainsbury’s