Do you get NHS discount at KFC?

No, KFC unfortunately does not offer an NHS staff discount.

Does KFC Do Blue Light Card?

Blue Light & Defence discount – Terms & Conditions

Blue Light Card Defence Discount Service Card holders are now entitled to 20% off Starbucks (and Drive Thru), Welcome Break PizzaExpress, Subway, KFC, Harry Ramsden, Pret, Chopstix and Burger King, whenever they visit Welcome Break*.

Do you get discount at KFC?

25% off any order at a KFC restaurant. It is where you get money off the food.

Do NHS staff get discount at Subway?

Unfortunately however, Subway do not offer an NHS Staff Discount. However, as each store is a franchise your local restaurant may offer a discount from time to time.

Do NHS get discount at Nandos?

Log in to your Nando’s account (or register for one) and let us know your NHS email address. We’ll ask you to re-verify your NHS email every 6 months. … You can apply your 20% discount to one order per day.

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How much do you get off at KFC with Blue Light Card?

Blue Light Card Discount 25% Off Any Drive Thru / Takeaway @ KFC.

Does McDonald’s do NHS discount?

How it works is that the offer is available exclusively on the My McDonald’s App. If you are a member of the NHS, simply download it to redeem the offer. The 20% discount can be used once per week by any eligible customers.

Whats the employee discount at KFC?

Yes, 20% on total amount.

Do KFC employees get free food UK?

Free food at break, hours that you work if you do it correctly, fun with the right people, discount of 25% of all kfc food and products.

What discounts do you get for working at KFC?

20% discount and meting amazing people who become long time friends.

Can I use my blue light card in B&M?

NHS & Blue Light Card Holders Get 10% Discount at B&M Retail. NHS workers can get 10% off at B&M ! Just show your NHS staff card or blue light card at the till.

Can I use someone else’s NHS discount?

There isn’t one. It’s free to become a member of Health Service Discounts and it doesn’t cost non-NHS staff a penny to use our offers. We work with big brands and retailers, which allows us to provide our discounts to healthcare workers free of charge. You simply choose to use whichever discounts that you like.

Is the blue light card free?

Powered by Blue Light Card, Blue Light Tickets allows venues, sports teams, attractions, festivals and concerts to give free tickets to NHS and/or Emergency Service staff to say thank you. … Importantly, this is a free service for both the member and the organisations providing the free tickets!

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Does Wagamama do NHS discount?

Does Wagamama offer an NHS discount? No, Wagamama restaurants are not currently offering their customers an NHS discount.

Does Nandos Blue Light discount?

We do not accept the Blue Light Card, Defence Privilege Card or any third party membership card.