Does Apple offline store have student discount?

Yes, you can get educational discounts at a physical Apple Store — I have done it, though it has been a while ;-). They require verification of your status which can generally be done with a student id.

Is Apple student discount available in offline store?

The student discount can be availed offline at any of the Apple Premium Resellers using your college ID card.

Is Apple education discount available in store?

The offer currently is available only with Apple Online Store in India. Apple Back to School offer gives discounts and other benefits to school and college students, their parents and teachers at registered institutions. The offer programme is available only for a limited time though.

Does Apple accept student discount?

Apple’s student discount is available to students currently attending college, students that have been newly-accepted for college but haven’t started yet, their parents, plus college faculty and staff. Homeschool teachers in the U.S. also qualify for the discount, with no restrictions on what grade they teach.

How long is Apple student discount 2021?

The promotion is live now and runs through September 27. Those who are eligible can upgrade from the free standard AirPods with wired charging to the version with a wireless charging case for $40 or the AirPods Pro for just $90.

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Is Apple giving free AirPods in India?

Apple is offering free AirPods with the iPhone 12, 12 mini. … The AirPods with wireless charging case can be purchased for Rs 4000 extra. The MRP is listed as Rs 18,900. The AirPods Pro can be purchased by paying Rs 10,000 extra, though the MRP is Rs 24,900.

How do I get proof of Apple student discount?

Official current school transcript or tuition bill indicating name of school and student. Official current report card indicating name of school and student. Student course schedule or tuition bill with a valid date and printed with the educational entity’s logo or seal.

Can a highschool student get Apple discount?

College students qualify for discounts directly through Apple’s Education Store. … In fact, the vast majority of high school age students in this country don’t come from that environment, while a significant percentage of students who do go to college and then qualify for the Apple Education Store discount do.

Can high schoolers get Apple student discount?

High school students are not eligible unless they have been accepted to college.