Does Carnival Cruise give group discounts?

Is it cheaper to book a cruise with a group?

2. Group Rates. Even if you can’t score a free cabin, group rates for cabin pricing are generally lower. … If publicly available rates start to rise, it’s an even better deal as you can still book the number of contracted cabins at the lower rate.

How do I get Carnival discounts?

Before You Book

  1. Drive to your cruise.
  2. Search for easy-to-find deals.
  3. Look for savings on older ships.
  4. Sign up for a Carnival Mastercard.
  5. Join the VIFP Club.

Are cruises cheaper with more people?

Know When Cruises Are Cheapest

In general, cruises tend to be cheapest in fall (September and October) and late winter (January and February). At these times, more people are at work and kids are in school, and there are fewer holidays to take advantage of.

What is the best way to book a cruise for a group?

You certainly can book your group (typically eight cabins or more) directly through a cruise line, but many group organizers recommend using a cruise agent who specializes in groups. Agents often have established relationships with cruise lines and access to discounts and perks that individuals don’t.

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