Does eBay offer a shipping discount?

You can automatically apply a discount to the shipping cost when a buyer purchases multiple items, offer carrier-specific discounts, or even offer savings on shipping as a promotional tool in your listings.

How do I save postage on eBay?

On the Manage postage settings – opens in new window or tab page, select Edit beside Flat postage rule. From the dropdown menu, choose whether to add or subtract an amount for each additional item purchased. Enter the amount to add/subtract. Select Save.

How does eBay charge for shipping?

The fees which sellers pay to eBay do not cover shipping costs, but one fee does take them into account. eBay charges sellers two standard fees per listing: a listing insertion fee and a final value fee. The final value fee is a percentage of the final sale amount including shipping costs. It does not pay for shipping.

Why is eBay shipping so expensive?

Competition on Price. One of the reasons you will see that eBay shipping is expensive is the competitiveness of eBay. … Instead, someone is just trying to work the eBay selling system. To compete on price, eBay sellers will play around with shipping costs.

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Can I buy postage through eBay?

Using eBay® for Online Postage

eBay has introduced Online Postage, allowing sellers to print shipping labels and pay for the postage from their PayPal account: There is no surcharge for printing Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail® labels with the free electronic price USPS Tracking® service.

What is eBay flat shipping?

Flat rate shipping rules

Add a fixed amount for each additional item purchased. For example, if the shipping cost on the first item is $5 you could choose to charge just $2 in shipping for each additional purchase. Subtract an amount from the shipping charge for each additional item purchased.

Can I use Hermes on eBay?

Hermes is the ideal parcel partner for eBay sellers. Sending lots of parcels takes just seconds when you connect your Hermes account with eBay, or you can upload a CSV file, whatever’s easiest for you.

What are eBay fees?

You usually pay (very) slightly less in fees.

When an item sells, eBay used to charge 10% of the sale price, including postage. PayPal’s cut was 2.9%, plus 30p per transaction. eBay now charges a final value fee of 12.8%, including postage, plus 30p per order – so you pay slightly less in total.

Is it better to offer free shipping on eBay?

If you’re selling items that are small and light, then free shipping makes sense since costs for those can be accurately estimated. But for sellers of large products, free shipping may be a bad idea since customers who are farther away will significantly increase shipping costs.

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Does eBay always take 10 %?

eBay will take 10% of the sale price of any item you successfully sell, including postage, and you’ll pay extra if your buyer pays via PayPal, so be sure to factor this in. See our eBay Selling Tricks guide for more tips.

Can you ask for cheaper shipping on eBay?

You can. However, the cheapest shipping method for you may not be a convenient method for the seller so the extra charge can likely be passed to you.

Can eBay sellers overcharging for shipping?

In many cases, yes, sellers overcharge. In many more examples, no. It can cost quite a lot of money to ship an item, much more than many buyers realize. Sometimes this is simply a matter of not having shipped anything recently, or of not shipping items often enough to have a good sense for how much it can cost.

Is it illegal to overcharge for shipping?

There is nothing inherently unlawful about marking up freight charges; it just must be done in a non-deceptive manner. A similar analysis applies when a seller quotes a product at a given price plus “shipping.” If the seller is “marking up the freight,” this would be a deceptive trade practice.