Does JD gym do NHS discount?

Do you get NHS discount at JD Sports?

That’s right, we’re proud to support our NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces so as a big THANK YOU we’re offering 10% off full price and reduced price items some exclusions apply. If you qualify for discount, log in to your Blue Light Card account as normal here.

Can you bring a friend to JD Gyms?

We are not currently offering day / guest passes but if you are thinking of joining us, please pop down to the gym during our opening hours and a member of the team will be happy to show you round.

Is JD Gyms owned by JD Sports?

In 2014, JD Sports Fashion PLC carved its footprint in the fitness industry with the creation of JD Gyms.

How do you use the JD gym app?


  1. Search for the JD Gyms App on your smartphone’s App Store ✅
  2. Once the app is downloaded, use this email address we are emailing you on now to log in. …
  3. Login and press the generate QR code ✅
  4. Scan yourself into the gym using the QR reader ✅
  5. See you in the gym!
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What sports shops give NHS discount?

NHS Discounts Sports shop

  • Triactive Ltd, Chester. Chester Offer – 12.5% Discount on all full RRP items. …
  • Berkeley Sports, Farnham. Farnham Offer – 5% when spending £50.00 10% when spending £100.00 or more. …
  • Kits 2000, Portsmouth. Portsmouth Offer – 25% discount off all kits, tracksuits, t shirts etc in our catalogues. (

Can I use my blue light card in B&M?

NHS & Blue Light Card Holders Get 10% Discount at B&M Retail. NHS workers can get 10% off at B&M ! Just show your NHS staff card or blue light card at the till.

What discount do you get at JD?

FAQs with JD Sports

Yes! JD Sports offers a student discount for 10% off all clothing, trainers, and accessories.

Do you get an induction at JD gym?

Do I need an induction? Inductions are not compulsory, so you are free to start using the gym immediately after joining if you feel happy to do so. … Each member has their own unique PIN, which you’ll use the enter and exit the gym. You will receive this PIN in your welcome email when you join.

How do I get a JD gym code?

Print. As soon as you complete the sign up online you should receive a welcome email from us. Your pin to enter/exit the gym will be included in that email. If for any reason you don’t receive your pin right away, don’t let that stop you going to the gym.

Who is JD gym owned by?

Introducing Alun Peacock

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From there he set out on a venture with the owners of FX Leisure, to launch premium low-cost brand Gymbug. Following the successful opening of the first site, Peacock got the opportunity to work with JD – a £3bn plc – to create JD Gyms.

What is JD burn class?

A bespoke, high intensity, bootcamp style class exclusive to JD Gyms based in our JD BURN area. The JD BURN class is a 35 minute HIIT and strength bootcamp designed to get the maximum results in a short amount of time.

Who owns JD Sports?

Pentland Group is a British privately owned global company that owns and invests in, primarily, retail and wholesale businesses in the sports, outdoor and sports fashion sectors. The Group is the majority shareholder of JD Sports, which operates 2,420 stores across 19 territories.

Can you use JD membership anywhere?

Our standard memberships grant you access to one gym location. If you’d like to use more than one of our gyms then you can sign up to our PLUS+ Multisite membership, or upgrade your existing membership. New members can select the PLUS+ Multisite option when joining.

Do JD gyms have WIFI?

JD Gyms on Twitter: “@donorapotente Hi, we do have guest wifi you can log into ” / Twitter.

Do JD gyms have an app?

The free JD Gyms member app provides easy, contactless access to the gym via QR code. You can also get access to our On Demand workouts. Visit our website to find your nearest gym.