Does LA Fitness give law enforcement discount?

Does Planet Fitness offer discounts for law enforcement?

Planet Fitness has come under fire on Twitter for offering free one-year gym memberships to police officers amid the growing protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death on May 25.

Does LA Fitness have corporate discounts?

Don’t just settle for the first price thrown at you. It truly never hurts to see if you’re eligible for a better deal. LA Fitness champions corporate wellness and gives employers exclusive discounts. Be sure to check with your workplace to see if they offer an LA Fitness membership deal or discount for employees.

What is the cheapest membership for LA Fitness?

The cheapest LA Fitness membership.

  • Monthly (one club access) – $29.49 + $ 99.99 Initial fee.
  • Monthly (Unlimited club access) – $34.49 + $ 99.99 Initial fee.

Does LA Fitness have discounts for students?

1) LA Fitness

Show your student ID and become a member with a zero-dollar enrollment fee and pay only $34.99 a month. You will have full access to exercise machines, free weights, basketball and racquet ball courts, a swimming pool and exercise classes.

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Where do you put promo code for LA Fitness?

Input the coupon code into the box provided at checkout, and your discount will automatically apply when you come to pay. If no code is supplied with your deal, you can expect your savings to be applied automatically – it really is that easy!

Does Planet Fitness have military discount?

Planet Fitness is a commercial gym chain that is focused on both quality and affordability. They typically do not offer a military discount, but there are a few ways to save on their membership that everyone can take advantage of.

Are LA Fitness prices negotiable?

Luckily, gym contracts are absolutely negotiable. “Based on my research of gyms and my own experience negotiating with LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, it’s more than possible to bargain for a lower rate or sign-up bonus with a new gym,” says J.R. Duren, a personal finance journalist at

How much is LA Fitness corporate membership?

There is a $49.00 annual fee which is due upon enrollment. Offer is valid for new enrollments through Globalfit on the LA Fitness Corporate Wellness Portal. New members receive $49 enrollment on month-to-month memberships at $29.99/month for Premier Club locations and $44.99/month for Signature Club locations.

Does LA Fitness charge an annual fee?

Monthly Memberships Single Club

All plans have a $49.00 annual fee.

Can I bring a friend to LA Fitness for free?

Yes, you can bring a friend to LA Fitness for free; use the complimentary LA Fitness Guest Pass for this. The LA Fitness Free Guest Pass offers free access to your local club for up to five days.

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Is LA Fitness changing its name?

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Esporta Fitness model, which will operate under the LA Fitness umbrella of clubs. … As of January 1, 2020, we are rebranding 17 of our LA Fitness locations in the greater Phoenix market to Esporta Fitness .

Why do gyms charge initiation fees?

The answer is quite simple. Money. … The answer to the why do gyms charge initiation fees is simply because they will make extra money on the top of the membership fees, plus, they are anticipating you realizing that working out is hard work, and your goals won’t be realized overnight, so you’re going to quit.

Can a 13 year old join LA Fitness?

Must be 16 years of age or older (or at least 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian), sign membership agreement, and pay first and last months’ dues and fees for additional services purchased (if any) plus any initiation fee or down payment, as indicated on membership agreement, to join.

Does LA Fitness let you bring a guest?

You may bring a different guest each time or the same one-it’s up to you!

Does Costco offer gym membership?

In addition to groceries, gas and household goods, Costco can also help you save money on your gym membership! The company offers a variety of spa and gym membership discounts with partner companies. If you’re a new Costco member, you can purchase a two-year membership to 24-Hour Fitness for $399.99.