Does SIG offer first responder discount?

Tactical Distributors- offers first responders a 10% discount online on all range gear, field gear, and tactical. … SIG SAUER is proud to offer discounts to US and Canadian Law Enforcement and Military members on a wide range of our most popular duty-style pistols and rifles.

Does SIG give a law enforcement discount?

SIG SAUER is pleased to offer PoliceOne members who are certified law enforcement officers special pricing on all products. … Click the link below to login and begin enjoying your discount! The 20% discount will be applied once you get to the checkout page*.

What gun manufacturers give first responder discounts?

Smith & Wesson’s American Guardians Program offers specially priced firearms for Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders through a network of Authorized Dealers. First responders including firefighters and rescue personnel with appropriate I.D.

Who is eligible for Blue Label pricing?

Who can participate in the GLOCK Blue Label Program? Professionals in these public safety roles are eligible for the program: Current federal, state, county, city law enforcement officers. Retired law enforcement officers with complete credentials showing an LE department photo.

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What Sig Sauer does law enforcement use?

The state-of-the-art SIG SAUER P320 has quickly become one of the most sought after pistols on the market today. With unprecedented modularity, and unmatched capabilities, the P320 is the choice of the military and law enforcement across the globe.

Why did the Army pick SIG over Glock?

The SIG Sauer P320 features a modular design that allows the Army to add or remove components. This isn’t something that’s found in the Glock. In fact, Glock failed to heed the Army’s request to use a modular design, so the Army ultimately chose the SIG instead.

Does Bass Pro Shop give law enforcement discount?

The 10% discount is extended to active military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMT’s. The discount is available both in store and online. Valid ID or online verification is required.

Is a nurse a first responder?

It may seem like registered nurses working in an Emergency Room (ER), or trauma department would be considered first responders, but generally, they are not. … Since this occurs within the hospital setting, neither ER doctors nor ER nurses are considered first responders.

Who is included in first responders?

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics, firefighters, and police officers are all considered first responders.

How do you prove you are a first responder?

To verify your First Responder status, you may upload one of the following documents: EMTs / Paramedics can use a State License, an EMT / Paramedic Certification issued within the past 48 months, or an ID Card with their name and title on it.

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Do military members get discounts on guns?

FN America: Active and retired military personnel can get a discount on one firearm per category per year (pistol, shotgun, carbine) at authorized FN dealers or distributors ( view site ).

What Glock do police use?

By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the GLOCK 22 fires the potent 40 S&W cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than most other full-sized handgun in its class.

Is Glock 43X law enforcement only?

Glock 43X 9mm Pistol – Law Enforcement, First Responders & Military. … This gun is restricted for sale to Law Enforcement, First Responders and Military ONLY and you will be required to complete a form and send us a copy of your credentials prior to shipment to your dealer or picking up in our store.

Is Sig better than Glock?

The Glock’s polymer construction makes it the lighter choice. However, that means that when you are using a higher caliber, the SIG handles recoil better than the Glock does. If you are looking for a well-concealed carry weapon, or a lighter one, the Glock will edge out the SIG in this category.

What guns do federal agents carry?


  • Glock 17M 9mm handgun.
  • MP5/10 submachine gun.
  • M1911A1 Springfield Professional Custom .45 ACP pistol.
  • SIG Sauer P226 9 mm, 10 mm.
  • Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun.
  • Remington 700 sniper rifle.

What is the most popular law enforcement handgun?

With that in mind, here are five guns well suited for police, including handguns, rifles and shotguns.

  • 5 Best Guns for Police – #1 – Glock 22. …
  • 5 Best Guns for Police – #2 – Glock 21. …
  • 5 Best Guns for Police – #3 – Sig Sauer P226. …
  • 5 Best Guns for Police – #4 – Remington 870. …
  • 5 Best Guns for Police – #5 – AR-15/M-4 series.
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