Does Virgin Active offer student discount?

Virgin Active offer students a various discount. Virgin Active offer various discounts for students and young people with their different memberships, including Young Person’s Monthly and Young Adult’s Flexi memberships.

How do I get Virgin Active discount?

How can I get 50% off a Virgin Active Online+ Membership?

  1. Step 1: Join Vitality. Buy any health insurance, life insurance, or investment plan.
  2. Step 2 : Get online. Once you’re a Vitality member, take the online Health Review in Member Zone. …
  3. Step 3: Sign up. Sign up on Member Zone and register on the Virgin Active App.

Do Virgin gyms do NHS discount?

NHS Discount:

We offer 10% off flexible memberships and 6% off 12 month memberships.

Can you bring a guest to Virgin Active?

Members (over the age of 18) may bring guests to a Club provided : (a) we receive payment of the guest fee, as set out in the relevant Club price list current at the time of the guest’s visit charged by the Club; and (b) the guest completes a Health Commitment Statement as requested by us.

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Can under 18 go to Virgin Active?

Children under 18 can join Virgin Active health clubs for 30% off the monthly public rate or 50% off the standard monthly fees at Club-V and Club-V Max ? if you or your spouse use the Vitality gym benefit.

How many guest passes do you get Virgin Active?

This can be done at any of our Flexi+ Clubs, or via the Virgin Active App. How many times can I visit? You can visit 4 times per month, included in your membership price.

Can I use my Virgin Active membership at other gyms?

You have access to:

Your own club, ALL clubs in Group 2-4 on the following pages. You may have ONE free visit per month to ONE club from Group 1. Further visits to Group 1 will require a member’s guest fee.

Who owns Virgin Active?

Guests to Virgin Active must present a form of photo ID (e.g. Driving License) to redeem their complimentary Day Pass. Please note that opening times differ from club to club. Please see your club page for full details.

How many Virgin Active gyms are there in the UK?

Live happily ever active

Today, there are 43 clubs across the UK. Promising the most exciting classes, superstar coaches and excellent equipment, Virgin Active’s core focuses lie in Strength, Stability, Stamina and Soul.

Can a 14 year old join Virgin Active?

At Virgin Active

Teenagers younger than 18 years old get 30% off the standard monthly fee – but only if you or your spouse use the Vitality gym benefit and if they are not members of Club-V or Club-V Max. For more information on the Virgin Active benefit guide, click here.

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Can a 14 year old go to Virgin Active?

6. Junior members under 14 are not allowed in the outdoor/rooftop training area unless participating in an instructor-led class led by a Virgin Active recognised fitness professional.

Do you get towels at Virgin Active?

Grab a fresh towel every time you visit the club.

What happens if you don’t pay Virgin Active?

If you fail to pay your monthly membership fees on the due date, then you will become liable for a cancellation fee if applicable and all costs in connection with the collection of the arrears including legal costs.

Can you go to any Virgin Active in December?

Virgin Active members can train at any Club, excluding Collection Clubs, between 15 to 31 December 2021 (both dates included): Virgin Active members will be able to train at any Virgin Active Club in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia between 15 and 31 December, excluding Collection Clubs.

What is the grid at Virgin Active?

Grid Training is Virgin Active’s go to high intensity workout. A 45 minute workout comprising of bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and cardio equipment (run, row & cycle). Grid Training combines real-life moves, accessible for all and with community at its core.