How do I get a good driver discount with Geico?

How does Geico good driver discount work?

The Geico good driver discount is available to customers who have been accident-free for 5 years or more, and it can save policyholders up to 26% on their car insurance premium. … Drivers don’t need to have been insured by Geico for the whole 5-year period to be eligible.

How much is Geico safe driver discount?

More Safe Driver Discounts From Geico

Geico has a good driver discount of up to 26% that is available to customers who’ve been accident-free for 5 years or more. You could meet the requirements for both the defensive-driving-course discount and the good driver discount to maximize your safe-driver savings.

How do I get a better price from Geico?

How to Lower the Cost of Car Insurance From Geico

  1. Pare Down Your Coverage. …
  2. Use Geico’s Auto Insurance Discounts. …
  3. Choose a Higher Deductible. …
  4. Improve Your Driving Record. …
  5. Improve Your Credit Score. …
  6. Drive Less. …
  7. Install Safety/Security Devices. …
  8. Reconsider Where You Live.
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How much is the drive easy discount?

GEICO DriveEasy is a mobile application that tracks your driving habits. Safe drivers can receive a discount of up to 25 percent.

What’s the highest score on Geico drive easy?

You will be able to see your score and components right in the DriveEasy Pro app after you start driving. The highest driver score is 100.

Could switching to GEICO really save you 15% or more on car insurance?

What’s more, in many states even a 25% percentile quote can be cheaper than the median GEICO price. However, as this analysis shows, GEICO can truthfully make the claim of saving you over 15% on your car insurance.

Does Geico offer low mileage discount?

No, Geico does not offer a specific low mileage discount. Geico premiums do take mileage into account, however, as rates are an average of 27% lower for customers who drive 7,500 miles annually than for customers who drive 15,000 miles annually, according to WalletHub data.

Does Geico offer gap?

Gap insurance covers the “gap” or difference, if any, between your car’s actual cash value and what you still owe on it. GEICO does NOT currently offer gap insurance.

How can I lower my car insurance rates?

Five ways to lower your car insurance premium

  1. DON’T pay the bill each month. Unlike other bills where you get savings for paying by Direct Debit, paying monthly for insurance can cost more. …
  2. Avoid auto-renewal. …
  3. Shop around. …
  4. Reduce the risk. …
  5. Use your no-claims bonus.

What is Geico drive easy program?

DriveEasy is a new program that promotes safe driving by providing both GEICO and the customer valuable information about individual driving patterns. … Most customers will earn a discount based on their safe driving habits, however riskier drivers may see a higher rate – depending on the state you live in.

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Do car insurance rates go down at 25?

In general, younger drivers tend to pay more for car insurance—but once you reach the age of 25, the cost of your insurance policy can drop. According to, the average annual premium for a 24-year-old male with full coverage is $2,273. At age 25, that average drops to $1,989, a decrease of about 12.5%.

What’s the Geico slogan?

Geico’s famous slogan, “Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance,” said by its gecko mascot, is now a part of American culture. In 2020, it announced a switch to a new slogan: “GEICO: Real service, real savings.”

Is GEICO DriveEasy worth it?

Geico DriveEasy is worth it for safe, careful drivers who do not mind being monitored for insurance purposes in return for savings of up to up to 25%. … Make sure you know what habits DriveEasy monitors, and see how they match up with your individual circumstances.

How does Geico detect phone handling?

The app is telematics-based, which means that your information is transmitted to Geico via your smartphone. The app monitors your driving, checking for things like hard braking, how fast you turn a corner and even monitoring if you use your phone while driving.

How long does Geico track driving?

The DriveEasy app monitors your driving behavior, as well as the driving conditions and how you use your phone while driving. It typically takes somewhere between 24 and 48 hours for DriveEasy to calculate and update your score after your drive.

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