How do I offer a shipping discount on Shopify?

From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery. Next to the shipping profile where you want to add a free shipping rate, click Manage rates. Next to the zone where you want to add a free shipping rate, click Add rate.

How do I discount shipping on Shopify?

Your customers need to enter the code during checkout to receive the discount.

  1. From the Shopify app, go to Store > Discounts.
  2. From the Discounts page tap the + button.
  3. In the Discount code section, enter a name for the new discount code. …
  4. Tap Discount type, then select Free shipping from the drop-down menu.

Which providers can merchants can get discounted shipping rates from using Shopify shipping?

Shopify offers merchants in the United States,Canada, and Australia access to discounted rates with USPS, UPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and Sendle so you’re already set up to compare their rates.

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Does free shipping increase sales on Shopify?

Making it happen in your Shopify store

Does free shipping increase sales? ABSOLUTELY. And if you’re not currently offering free shipping on Shopify, find a creative way to offer it. Offering free shipping is a fine line to walk, as shipping can come at a costly price to you as a merchant.

Is shipping cheaper through Shopify?

What is the cheapest shipping method? Shopify Shipping is one of the more affordable shipping methods. The service works with major carriers to provide you with discounted rates for shipping. Available carriers are USPS, UPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and Sendle to help your packages arrive safe and on time.

How do customers get free shipping?

10 Ways You Can Offer Free Shipping

  1. Free Shipping on Everything. …
  2. Free Shipping with Minimum Thresholds. …
  3. Free Shipping on Certain Items. …
  4. Free Shipping at Certain Times of the Year. …
  5. Free Shipping to Certain Locations. …
  6. Member Programs. …
  7. Loyalty Programs. …
  8. Bake Shipping Fees into Product Price.

Does Shopify offer shipping?

What is Shopify Shipping? … You can buy shipping labels directly in Shopify, print multiple labels at a time, and get orders out the door quickly. Shopify Shipping works with USPS, UPS, and DHL in the United States, Canada Post in Canada, and Sendle in Australia, and offers multiple mail classes with each carrier.

Is there a way to make shipping cheaper?

First Class Mail envelopes, flat rate envelopes, and USPS Priority Mail offer the lowest rates for small packages. Another option is to use cubic pricing. Cubic pricing is a special USPS service that offers lower shipping rates when sending small, heavy items that are under 20lbs with USPS Priority Mail.

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How do I get customers to pay shipping on Shopify?


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.
  2. Next to the shipping profile that you want to add a shipping rate to, click Manage rates.
  3. Next to the zone that you want to add a rate to, click Add rate.
  4. Enter the name and amount for the rate.
  5. Optional: Add weight-based or price-based conditions.

What is the best shipping app for Shopify?

Quick Summary: Best Shopify Shipping Apps

  • ShippingEasy: Best Overall (USPS, FedEx, and DHL)
  • Shippo: Best Pay As You Go and UPS Option.
  • ShipStation: Best to Increase Customer Reviews.
  • EasyShip: Best for Niche Carriers and International Shipping (250+)
  • ShipTarget.
  • Ordoro.
  • AfterShip.
  • Tracktor.

Does free shipping get more sales?

There have been several, albeit anecdotal, reports of free shipping offers increasing sales conversions and revenue. Last year, Stitch Labs found “that retailers who always offer free shipping can directly increase revenue by 10 percent.”

How do I add free shipping banners to Shopify?

Open your theme settings and set up your announcement bar!

Open your theme settings (Online Store > Themes > Customize), and you’ll see a new section titled “Announcement bar.” Here you can set up the announcement message, colors, font size, link, and an optional free shipping countdown.

How much does free shipping increase conversion?

It can depend on so much more than shipping. Think product, pricing, usability, payment methods you accept, imagery on your product pages, your reviews…. the list goes on. But this case study suggested a conversion rate increase of 20% when introducing free delivery for one website.

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How do I save on shipping?

How to save on shipping – More than 30 tips

  1. Use USPS flat rate boxes. We use USPS flat rate boxes to mail our packages. …
  2. Purchase a label printer. …
  3. Safety is our priority. …
  4. Avoid locking yourself in one carrier. …
  5. Use zone skipping. …
  6. Send by freight. …
  7. Negotiate with multiple carriers. …
  8. Reuse packaging.

How do I set up flat rate shipping on Shopify?

How to add a USPS flat rate packaging on Shopify

  1. Step 1: Go to the Shipping section.
  2. Step 2: Select Add package.
  3. Step 3: Select Carrier packaging.
  4. Step 4: Select USPS packaging.
  5. Step 5: Select the flat rate packaging type.
  6. Step 6: Click Add package.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

How to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator

  1. Navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator page. …
  2. Enter the details of your letter or package. …
  3. Select the shipment type. …
  4. Compare shipping options. …
  5. Add Extra Services. …
  6. Hit “Continue” for your result. …
  7. Pay for shipping and print postage for your shipment.