How do you get a character bundle on free fire?

Which character bundle is best in Free Fire?

Top 5 Best Character Bundles In Free Fire For October 2021

  • Shirou’s Hurricane Bundle. Shirou is the coolest looking character in the game and has some overpowered passive ability. …
  • Steffie’s Grafitti Bundle. …
  • Skyler’s Superstar Bundle. …
  • DJ Alok’s Beat Composer Bundle. …
  • Chrono’s Bounty Hunter Bundle.

How do you get Free Fire bundles for free?

Here are 8 ways to get bundles in Free Fire.

  1. Event. Garena sometimes very often holding an in the game event that comes with an interesting prize to catch up, and one of them is a bundle. …
  2. Voucher. …
  3. Magic Cube. …
  4. Giveaway. …
  5. Rank Token. …
  6. FF Token. …
  7. Free Pass. …
  8. [Bonus] Comment Spam “Gift Bundle Alok”

Who is the No 1 character in Free Fire?

Alok is still the best character in Free Fire MAX due to his Drop the Beat ability. It provides a constant flow of healing to the players on the battlefield. A 5m aura is generated, increasing the players’ movement speed by 15% and restoring 5HP per second.

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How do you get Free Fire characters for free?

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular options among players to get in-game currency for free. Users are directly awarded Google Play Credits/Balance for completing short and simple surveys. These credits can later be used to purchase diamonds in Free Fire, which in turn can be used to obtain characters.

Which is the best skin of SVD in Free Fire?

SVD Spirited Overseers is the best SVD skin on Free Fire today. Even though the tier is only ‘Rare’, the Loot Crate costs a little more than SVD Swordsman Legends. This skin provides an additional rate of fire and magazine, at the expense of movement speed.

Which is the rarest bundle in Free Fire?

The developers introduced six Galaxy Dino bundles in Free Fire, and one of them was a blue dinosaur suit. The Dino bundles were part of a Free Fire Incubator and were removed after a specific period. The Blue Dino bundle was the toughest to redeem, and it consequently became the rarest among all outfits.

How do you get free criminal bundles?

Step 1) Make sure you have the latest version of Garena Free Fire installed on your smartphone from the Google Play Store. Step 2) Open the game and wait for a banner to show up that offers the Top Green Criminal Bundle.

How do you get Maxim bundle on free fire?

Maxim is a character in Garena Free Fire. He can be purchased with 8000 Gold or 499 Diamonds.

How do you unlock free fire diamonds?

There is no method to get free Free Fire diamonds. However, you may obtain it for free if you utilise the Free Fire & Play Store promotion. Additionally, use online earning strategies to get free diamonds.

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Which is better Alok or K?

Both the characters have tremendous abilities, and it is safe to say that K and Alok are some of the best choices for the characters in the game. … K’s ability is good but appears to be lesser in front of DJ Alok’s ability – Drop the beat, which directly restores the HP and increases the ally movement speed.

Is Chrono better than Alok?

DJ Alok, on the other hand, has a greater advantage on the ground. He offers better movement speed on the ground as well as offers a healing ability. Hence, it can be concluded that DJ Alok is of better use and greater advantage than Chrono in Free Fire after the OB27 update.

Who is noob in Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans in the Indian gaming community. He owns a YouTube channel named after himself and it has more than 12.4 Million subscribers.

How do you unlock Alok characters in free fire?

Step 1: Go to the official Facebook page of Free Fire. Step 2: Find the 3rd Anniversary event post on their timeline or click here. Step 3: Share the Facebook post by hitting the share button. Step 4: Login on 23rd August to unlock the DJ Alok character in Free Fire.

What is the ID of DJ Alok in free fire?

DJ Alok’s Free Fire ID is 1314859236, and his in-game name is ‘Alok.

Who is K character in free fire?

In-game description: “K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.” K has an active in-game ability, which is called “Master of All.” It is one of the unique in-game abilities and comes with separate modes, i.e., Jiu-jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. The ability increases the maximum EP by 50 at all the levels.

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