How much is the GM employee discount on vehicles?

How much does the GM Employee Discount take off?

The Employee discount at GM

General Motors employee discount program offers the GM employees an exclusive opportunity to purchase or lease vehicles at 20% below MSRP from participating dealers.

How big is the GM employee discount?

Other Special Programs & Discounts

The GM Accessories Employee Discount Program can save you 20% below MSRP on eligible accessories purchased through your participating GM Dealer or online at your brand eCommerce store.

How do I find my GM employee pricing?

You will need to obtain an authorization number and take it to your participating GM Dealer. Select “GM Employee Discount” from the Programs menu. Then choose “Get Authorization Number” and follow the prompts.

Do GM employees get free cars?

Thousands Of GM Workers Get Company Cars, Gas : NPR. Thousands Of GM Workers Get Company Cars, Gas Even as General Motors asks for more taxpayer loans, there’s one perk the automaker refuses to give up: a company car and company-paid gas for about 8,000 white-collar employees.

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What is the GM Loyalty Discount?

Customer loyalty rebates range between $1,000 and $7,000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle being purchased.

What is Chevy employee pricing?

What is the Chevy Employee Discount? The Chevy Employee Discount for Everyone allows you to pay what Chevrolet employees pay, and not a cent more. These discounts can add up to saving thousands off MSRP, and in some cases, getting 0% APR financing offers on select Chevrolet vehicles.

Is the GM employee discount a good deal?

The GM Employee Discount is a great perk for GM employees that can often be combined with most current offers to help you save even more when purchasing your next Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle.

Can you combine GM discounts?

As an eligible GM Dealership employee, you can receive the same special savings our GM employees receive on eligible, new vehicles. Plus, you can maximize your savings by combining your discount with most current offers.

What is a good friends and family discount?

Depending on your margins, 10-15% is a healthy discount which benefits the recipient without harming you too much. It’s a good idea to set guidelines and track discount sales as a separate demographic group on your point of sale system, so that you can see exactly what it’s costing you each month or year.

Do GM employees get discounts on Corvette?

As of now, we are holding to selling at no more than MSRP, and we are honoring the GM Supplier and GM Employee discounts. … It is pretty easy right now, though, as only the Corvette does not qualify for the discount programs.

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What is GMC consumer cash program?

Consumer Bonus Cash, a/k/a customer cash, is a type of rebate GM offers that usually is applied to the negotiated purchase price. … GM Dealer cash is paid to the dealership from GM to help them with various overhead costs such as advertising.

Is Jeep part of the GM family?

Jeep has been part of Chrysler since 1987, when Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand, along with remaining assets, from its previous owner American Motors Corporation (AMC).

How do I find my GM discount?

To use the discount, get your Company Code — which is listed alongside your company’s name on the About the Discount Page under Company Eligibility — and register or sign in on the home page. Select “GM Supplier Discount” from the Programs menu. Then choose “Get Authorization Number” and follow the prompts.

How much do GM workers pay for health insurance?

GM has said in the past that it annually spends about $1 billion a year on healthcare coverage for its hourly workers, suggesting the monthly cost per worker is in the range of $1,700 to $2,000.

Is General Motors a good place to work?

It can be stressful at times but overall is a good company. Overall this is a solid company to work for. The benefits are amazing. Given the size of the organization there is plenty of opportunity to expose yourself to multiple areas of the business.