Is it cheaper to buy Rodan and Fields from a consultant?

It’s cheaper to fill in your products as they run out, but each one still retails for between $43 and $78. Even though many consultants offer sales and other incentives to help with the cost, it’s still a big investment and a noticeable addition to any modest budget.

How much do Rodan and Fields consultants save on products?

The first thing you should know is that a Rodan and Fields Consultant receives a 25% discount on all products!

What commission do Rodan and Fields consultants make?

Consultant Commissions: 10% Commission on all Level 1 Volume. Retail Profit: From your Retail Customers and Preferred Customers. Achieving this title is a critical milestone in the Rodan + Fields leadership journey.

Do RF consultants get free shipping?

WHAT ARE THE SHIPPING RATES FOR CONSULTANTS? All Business Kit orders come with free 2-day shipping to the U.S. … Most orders are processed and shipped within 1 – 2 business days of the order being placed.

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How much does a Level 5 Rodan and Fields Consultant make?

The salary trajectory of a Premier Level V Independent Consultant ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $77,078 per year and goes up to $136,056 per year for the highest level of seniority.

Is Rodan and Fields overpriced?

Rodan + Fields products are expensive, and the price point is in line with what you’d expect at department stores and high end cosmetics boutiques. … It contains six products (and a dermaroller) designed to visibly firm and smooth skin to combat the visible signs of aging. Individual products are also pricey.

What’s wrong with Rodan and Fields?

The Lash Boost class action lawsuits threatened sales for one of Rodan + Fields’ most popular products. Some consumers said using the eyelash serum caused itchy eyes, eyelid drooping, infections, visual impairment, and even changed iris color. There were other problems.

How much do top earners make at Rodan and Fields?

The very top consultants and highest earners from 2018 data topped out making over $1.2 million that year — but those consultants only comprise less than 0.1% of the total consultant pool.

Who are the top Rodan and Fields consultants?

When it comes to building success for their team, Sarah Robbins and her husband, Phil, truly Lead The Way. Their journey as two of Rodan + Fields’ top Leaders began in February 2008 when Sarah and her mother, Kris Fairless, joined as two of the Company’s first Independent Consultants.

How do I quit being a Rodan and Fields consultant?

How do I cancel/terminate my Consultant account? If you would like to voluntarily cancel/terminate your Consultantship and your Consultant Agreement with Rodan + Fields, please complete the Termination Notice Form and email it to

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Can you change your Rodan and Fields consultant?

Preferred Customers (PCs) are generally permitted to change their Sponsor (Consultant) by deactivating their PC account and wait 30 days (without an account). After waiting the allotted time frame, you can then re-enroll under your new preferred Sponsor.

What is a preferred customer Rodan and Fields?

PC Perks is our Preferred Customer (PC) program offering a 10% discount on all orders, free shipping on orders of $80 or more (after applying the 10% PC discount), and includes a subscription service for deliveries every 60 days with the flexibility to change future products and shipment dates in your account settings.

Is Rodan & Fields a pyramid scheme?

Rodan + Fields distributes via multi-level marketing, which has been criticized by consumer advocates as akin to a pyramid scheme. Consultants focus on social media, phone and in-person presentations to sell products and invite others to join their team.

How many consultants does Rodan and Fields have?

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, R+F now employs 500+ people, has more than 300,000 enrolled Independent Consultants and over two million Preferred Customers.

How much can you make working for Rodan and Fields?

The average paid Consultant earned $462 annually. Average Consultant earnings show the average earnings of all Consultants who were paid in 2020. 90% of those who order Rodan + Fields products are strictly customers, who love the visible life-changing results of R+F products and continue to enjoy them month over month.