Question: How much is the teacher discount at Apple?

How much Apple discount do teachers get?

Yes! Apple Education Pricing is available to school staff, homeschool teachers, college students and their parents! If you are eligible you will receive a 10% discount on most Apple products including all Mac models and all iPad models.

How does Apple verify teacher discount?

At Apple Stores they ask for school ID to get the educational discount. On line there are no checks, however they reserve the right to ask for proof later and will charge the difference in price if you cannot prove your right to the discount.

How much discount do teachers get at Apple UK?

Apple EPP Store – Up to 10% off for Teachers.

How much discount do students get at Apple?

Apple offer students a up to 10% discount. The discount is available with a free UNiDAYS account (it’s quick and easy to sign up if you haven’t already). If you’ve only just confirmed your place at university, you can still get the discount – an Apple Specialist will verify your acceptance offer.

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Do school teachers get Apple discount?

Students, teachers, lecturers and those who work for an educational institution (school, university or college) can save money on a new Mac, MacBook or iPad purchase thanks to the Apple Education Store. … Most Apple customers aren’t aware of the Apple Education Store, or don’t think the discount applies to them.

How does Apple know if you’re a student?

Originally Answered: Does Apple actually check if you are a student when buying a product from the Apple Education Store? It will check based on your email’s domain. Any registered . edu will automatically will have students’ discount applied.

Does Apple check if you are a student?

Apple doesn’t appear to verify your education pricing qualifications at the time of purchase. Occasionally it does perform audits and if you can’t verify your enrollment, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular pricing on the items you purchased.

How much discount do Apple employees get?

Employer Summary

Each year, employees can get a 25% discount on an iPod, iPad, or computer. Most Apple software can be purchased at a 50% discount, and AppleCare comes with a 25% discount.

Can you get UNiDAYS as a teacher?

Members of staff are eligible for a UNiDAYS staff account which entitles the user to access the Apple Education store. You can sign up for a staff account by using this link.

Do you get free AirPods with MacBook UK?

The deal this year is that if you buy a qualifying product you will get a free pair of 2nd gen AirPods. … You need to buy one of the following eligible products to get the free AirPods: Mac: MacBook Air M1, 13in MacBook Pro M1, 14in & 16in MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max, 24in iMac M1, 27in iMac, Mac mini M1 & Mac Pro.

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Do I get free AirPods with Macbook?

This deal is a lot simpler and not a scam: If you buy select Mac and iPad models direct from Apple with student pricing, you’ll get a free pair of AirPods. All of these Mac and iPad products qualify for the free AirPods: Macbook Air starting at $899. Macbook Pro starting at $1,199.

Is there student discount on AirPods?

After verification by UNiDAYS, Apple India will mark the account’s purchase eligible for the ‘Back to School’ programme, and then consumers can avail any of the discounts or get a free pair of AirPods, whichever they find more suitable. The free AirPods being offered under this scheme come with wired charging.

How do u get student discount on Apple?

The main method of verifying your eligibility is through student discount portal UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is open to students or staff, and asks you to verify your account with the university you attend. This process can be started via a link at the top of Apple for Education website, or directly via this link.