What is Leo Adventures Sitka discount?

I just discovered LEO Adventures, a company that provides discounts to gov’t employees through partnerships with retailers, including Sitka, Outdoor Research and many other outdoor companies. A membership costs $25/year. Just curious if anyone has experience with them, particularly buying Sitka gear.

Does Sitka offer a discount?

SITKA. LeoAdventures is the perfect way for Law Enforcement, Military, and other qualifying individuals to save up to 40%! You’ll need a membership to LeoAdventures.com in order to take advantage of this opportunity. You will not find a better discount than this on Sitka Gear.

Is Sitka part of Leo adventures?

Sitka no longer on LEO adventures.

What is the Sitka Guide discount?

Sitka requires the Leoadventures verification for the 40% discount.

What is LeoAdventures?

LeoAdventures.com is a public service appreciation program to honor and acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made by U.S Public Service Employees (“PSE”) whose employment is from a federal, state or local government agency/entity. Qualified members receive courtesy pricing on premium products.

Does Sitka give first responder discounts?

If you serve as Local or State Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Active, Reserve, or Retired Military, National Guard, Veteran, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife, or Game Warden, you may qualify.

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Is Sitka worth the money?

Definitely worth every penny IME, especially if your a tree stand whitetail hunter in the colder climates. If used correctly and layered properly, it is truly a game changer. Last season while hunting in Kansas Sitka allowed me to have all day sits while enduring temps in the 20’s with strong winds 20-30mph.

Does Leo Adventures offer additional discounts through the year?

Sitka also has a few sales each year where they give an additional % off to Leo adventures members. Leo adventures is great service to those that qualify.

Does Sitka have a guide program?

Contact SITKA Gear. If you are a licensed guide or outfitter and would like to receive information in regards to our Guide and Outfitter Program, please fill out the required fields then press submit. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and support!

Does KUIU have a law enforcement discount?

To receive your 10% discount, please follow this link! …

Who does Sitka sponsor?

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA – SITKA Gear, a leading designer and manufacturer of hunting gear for waterfowl hunters, confirmed its support of The Duck Hunters Organization as a ‘Champion of Delta’ Corporate Sponsor for 2021.