What is the AAA discount code for thrifty?

What is CDP code at Thrifty?

Thrifty Car Rental: Enjoy 5% OFF at Thrifty Car Rental. Click on the REDEEM NOW button below and enter code: CDP#: 3063952 at checkout. For telephone reservations call 800-847-4389 at have CDP#: 3063952 applied to your reservation to receive discount.

What is CDP number?

A CDP Number consists of numerical values and is between 1 and 10 digits long. This number can also be used in conjunction with a PC (Promotion Code), RQ (Rate Code) or CV (Convention Number) if the special offer or promotion requires additional information is included in the reservation.

Which car rental companies offer AAA discount?

AAA Members save up to 20% off base rates at the airport and at a Hertz Local Edition® location near you, when you include your designated AAA discount code (CDP#) in your reservation.

Does AAA give you a rental car?

With AAA, we offer quality rental cars and deals at affordable prices — from SUVs to sedans, convertibles to coupes, pick-ups to ragtops. AAA’s fast, friendly service is always available to meet your needs, your preferences and, of course, your budget.

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Does budget give AAA discount?

Does Budget have discounts for AAA or CAA members? No, there is no affiliation with AAA or CAA.

Where can I find my CDP number?

To check if you already have a CDP Securities Account, please contact us at 6535 7511. If you already have a CDP Securities Account, you may request for your CDP Securities Account number to be sent via SMS to your mobile phone instantly.

How do I get my CDP number?

CDP customers can retrieve their Individual CDP Account Number through a self-help option in SGX phone system by following the steps below:

  1. Call SGX Hotline at 6535 7511 ;
  2. Choose self-help Option 1 to check CDP account number;
  3. Enter NRIC/Malaysian IC/Passport number and CDP registered mobile number; and.

How do I access my CDP account?

Retrieval of CDP Account Number

  1. Log in to CDP Internet to retrieve your CDP account number.
  2. For individual account holders, you may also retrieve your CDP Individual Account number via SMS through the CDP Phone Self help option if your mobile number registered with CDP is updated.

Does Airbnb offer AAA discounts?

Military Discount: No Current Discount – Airbnb currently does not have a military discount across all bookings. … AAA Discount: No Current Discount – There does not seem to be any current discount for AAA members.

Do Costco members get discounts on car rentals?

Through Costco Travel, members who are 25 or older can get discounted rates on car rentals. … The retailer’s car rental program allows members to reserve vehicles from participating Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise locations. Members can reserve a rental through the Costco Travel website or by calling 1-866-921-7925.

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What does Triple A cover?


  • 1 Tow up to 200 miles; remaining Tows up to 100 Miles3
  • Battery Jump-Start / Boost.
  • Mobile Battery Replacement Service.
  • Flat Tire Changes.
  • FREE Fuel Delivery.
  • Vehicle Locksmith Service up to $1504
  • Extrication / Winching With 2 Service Vehicles.
  • Bicycle Roadside Assistance.

Does AAA have renters insurance?

Renters Insurance Through AAA

Renters insurance provides an easy way for you to protect yourself, your family and your belongings, plus it costs less than you may think.

Is compact or economy car bigger?

The main difference between an economy car and a compact car is the size of the vehicle. Compact cars are a bit smaller than economy cars. Both of these vehicle classes are very fuel efficient.