Your question: Do you get staff discount at B and M?

10% discount, sometimes 20% with an occasional Christmas bonus.

Do you get paid weekly at B&M?

13 answers. Monthly pay but there were days I would have worked and the system wasn’t updated so looked like I hadn’t worked at all. This company will try and get away with not paying you for some shifts.

Are B&M good to work for?

This company is a great place to kick start you retail career. You are taught the basics of working in this company to begin with. The management team are all willing to help colleagues progress in there B&M career if they are looking to.

What’s it like to work at B&M?

Working for B&M has many benefits including job security and training. The working environment is face paced and a fun place to work. It’s also a friendly relaxed environment for customers to enjoy shopping.

Does B&M give sick pay?

Do B&M pay sick pay? No. People don’t get proper sick pay at B&M.

How do B&M pay you?

B&M currently pays retail and sales assistants an average hourly rate of £4.55 to £8.72, dependant on age. Store mangers and customer service advisers earn a salary wage of £18.2K or over. Majority of B&M employees work part-time, receiving their pay cheque every four weeks.

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What does B&M stand for?

Bargains and More would really suffice but it actually stands for Billington & Mayman, as it was set up by Malcolm Billington but shortened to B&M for Bargain Madness. Set up in 1978, Billington remained the company director until 1996.

Does B&M have a union?

The discount big brand retailer had been in talks with shopworkers’ trade union Usdaw before agreeing the bonus. The union said staff have continued to work professionally and diligently in public facing roles despite a ‘deep worry’ about catching the coronavirus.

What should I expect at a B&M interview?

B&M Bargains job interview starts with a presentation about the benefits of working at B&M which is delivered by a current member of staff. Interviewees then have a chance to ask questions – use this opportunity to ask a practical question that allows you to look good. The second interview stage is a group interview.

How old do you have to be to work for B&M?

16 years old. I started when I was still in High School.

How many people do B&M employ?

B&M (also known as B&M Bargains and the larger B&M Homestore) is a British variety store chain founded in 1978 and incorporated in Luxembourg. It employs over 32,000 people.

How many staff does B&M have?

From its first store in Blackpool, Lancashire, B&M has grown to over 685+ stores and employs over 35,000+ staff.

Where is B&M head office?

At the 2 day induction you wound get big speeches about how everyone is treated the same it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re a manager or sales assistant- what a load of rubbish!

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