Your question: Who is Webby in Black Friday Starkid?

She is an ancient cosmic being, much like her brothers, Wiggly, Blinky, Tinky, Pokotho and Nibblenephim. Webby is also the cosmic guardian of Hannah Foster, though many believe her to be the girl’s imaginary friend. She is played by Mariah Rose Faith.

Is Mariah rose faith Lgbtq?

On June 13, 2020, Mariah subtly came out as pansexual in an Instagram post by putting pansexual flag-colored hearts in the caption of a post, along with wearing the colors, and later made a TikTok in which she explicitly identified as pansexual.

Who is the voice of wiggly Starkid?


Role Los Angeles (2019)
General John MacNamara, et al. Jeff Blim
Frank Pricely, et al. Corey Dorris
Sherman Young, et al. Jamie Lyn Beatty
Paul Matthews / Wiggly, et al. Jon Matteson

Is Uncle Wiley Wilbur Cross?

Wilbur Cross (also known as Uncle Wiley) is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He is a former member of P.E.I.P. and a loyal disciple of the Lords in Black. He features in Black Friday, Watcher World and The Witch In The Web and is played by Joey Richter.

How old is Lex Black Friday?

According to Nick Lang, Lex is 18.

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Does Jon Matteson live with Robert?

Robert now resides in Los Angeles with Jon Matteson and Nick Lang.

How old is Tolbert?

Tolbert, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease years ago, died April 22 at UCLA-Santa Monica Hospital, his family said. He was 86.

Who plays Paul in the guy who didn’t like musicals?


Character Los Angeles (2018)
Paul Jon Matteson
Emma, et al. Lauren Lopez
Ted, et al. Joey Richter
Charlotte / Nora / Deb, et al. Jaime Lyn Beatty

How old is Hannah in Black Friday?

Hannah is played by an actual 13-year-old actress (although she turned 14 during the run of the show, which led to Nick Lang joking she would have to be recast).

Is Black Friday Starkid good?

If the previous 11 musicals were the first chapter of Starkid’s story, Black Friday feels like the beginning of the second chapter. Those first eleven shows are all really enjoyable and good, but Black Friday is a good musical for almost entirely different reasons.

Who is Joey Richter in Legend of Korra?

Joseph Michael Richter is an American actor, singer, and internet personality who voiced Hong Li in one episode of The Legend of Korra.