Do pensioners get a discount with Telstra?

We give eligible pensioners a $10/month discount off monthly access charges for one Basic Telephone Service with Telstra Ultimate Voice.

Do Telstra offer pensioner discounts?

The Telstra Pensioner Discount provides eligible pensioner customers with a monthly call discount on their Telstra home phone service. If you are eligible for the discount, you can also get free access to Call Control, a waiver on late payment fees, and fee-free payment options.

Do pensioners get telephone discount?

If you have a Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you might be eligible for the Government’s Telephone Allowance, as included in the Pensioner Supplement or Seniors Supplement.

How much is the pensioner discount?

Concessions are available to eligible pensioners on their council rates, including: $250 on ordinary council rates and charges for domestic waste management services. $87.50 on annual water rates and charges (where the service is provided by council)

Does Telstra do concession?

Telstra offers holders of eligible Pension Concession Cards, issued either by Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, a ‘Telstra Pensioner Discount’ on their eligible fixed line service. The discount includes: A discounted service connection charge.

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What is the best mobile phone for seniors in Australia?

What kind of phone should I get?

  • The Swissvoice C50. …
  • The Olitech EasyFlip 4G. …
  • Opel EasySmart 2 4G. …
  • KISA Phone. …
  • iPhone SE. …
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. …
  • OPPO A54. …
  • Alcatel 1V 2020 4G. Like OPPO, Alcatel has made a name for itself by offering affordable and easy to use smartphones.

How much data do you get when you recharge $30 with Telstra?

Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile

Recharge Amount $30
Data Allowance
Data Allowance For use in Australia only 10GB
Data Bank
Continuous Data Rollover Recharge before expiry to save up to 200GB of unused data Yes

Do pensioners get discount on Internet?

Anybody who has a pensioner’s card is eligible for their offer of a $10 discount per month on either NBN Internet or Internet and phone bundles. Interested parties are advised to apply online or dial their number.

What is Telstra voice plus?

You can choose Telstra Voice Plus for your Basic Telephone Service if: you preselect us for long distance calls, international calls and calls to mobile numbers; and. are billed directly by us for monthly access and local calls.

Is there any financial help for pensioners?

Introduction. If you’re a pensioner currently receiving support through Centrelink, you may be eligible for extra help with bills and medicine costs through the Pension Supplement. This supplement is a combined payment of Pharmaceutical Allowance, Utilities Allowance, GST Supplement and Telephone Allowance.

What are pensioners entitled to in Australia?

If you’re on or qualify for the Age Pension, you may be eligible for Services Australia loans: Pension Loans Scheme — use real estate as security for a fortnightly loan to top up your retirement income. Advance payment — get part of your pension payment in advance to help cover immediate expenses.

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What concessions are available for pensioners in South Australia?

Pensioner Concession Card

  • Cost of Living Concession. Helps people on low or fixed incomes with household costs such as council rates, electricity or medical bills. …
  • Emergency Services Levy. …
  • Energy. …
  • Funeral AssistanceSA. …
  • Licence and registration. …
  • Medical heating and cooling. …
  • Personal alert systems rebate. …
  • Public transport.

What is a Centrelink pensioner concession card?

The Pensioner Concession Card is your proof of entitlement to concession fares on public transport in NSW. If you are receiving an eligible Centrelink payment, you will automatically receive a Pensioner Concession Card from the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

How Do I Live chat with Telstra?

Open the My Telstra app, go to the Get help tab and tap the blue message icon. Or scroll down to Contact Us and tap Messaging.

Does Telstra have a $40 plan?

The Telstra Mobile Member Plan $40 includes $40 of monthly included value, plus $7.50 of Monthly Member Credit toward a new mobile handset. Users will have a choice between six different bonus options which will help to lower the cost of your monthly bill. The plan is available either on a 12 or 24-month contract.