Does Range Rover do NHS discount?

Does Range Rover give NHS discount?

The Marshall Jaguar Land Rover savings scheme provides NHS & Blue Light Staff with preferential rates when purchasing a new Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle.

Do car dealerships do NHS discount?

NHS staff can save up to 29% at over 50 dealerships on brands including Nissan, Fiat, Abarth, Alfra Romeo, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Renault and Dacia.

How much is BMW NHS discount?

NHS Discount:

Save up to 30% off a new BMW, Mini or Motorrad Bike.

Does Range Rover give military discount?

Military Appreciation Customer Discount

All active duty and military veterans, as well as their spouses, are eligible.

Can you get a car if you work for the NHS?

The NHS car scheme is available to all permanent staff and their families. … As a result, the cost of leasing the car is significantly cheaper than a lease or hire purchase agreement with the manufacturer. The Trust also benefits as it also saves on pension and national insurance contributions.

Does Citroen do NHS discount?

Free to all NHS staff driving a Citroën of any age or model.

Do Macklin Motors do NHS discount?

NHS Discount:

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Up to 18% off the list price on certain models.

What is sytner affinity?

Sytner Affinity is a unique, complimentary service we offer to our corporate customers. Companies are able to offer their employees a direct benefit as a result of our relationship which enables them to obtain preferential terms on new and used vehicles. … Access to competitively priced, approved-used vehicles.

Does the British army still use land rovers?

After an outstanding record of service, the British Army has decided to retire the ageing Land Rovers and replace them with hi-tech vehicles which can offer better protection to soldiers. It comes as Land Rover prepares to end production of the Defender model – on which military vehicles are based – after 67 years.

Why is Range Rover so expensive?

The window design of the Range Rover also gives the driver an unparalleled field of vision in comparison to other SUV drivers, all the more underlining this feel of omnipotent sophistication that the Range Rover wants you to have. … To put it simply: Range Rovers are expensive because it’s everything most cars aren’t.

Does Land Rover have 0 financing?


0% financing for 72 Months – Jaguar Land Rover will offer zero-percent financing on 2020 Jaguar and Land Rover models, as well as 2021 Jaguar F-TYPE, for up to 72 months.