Does Sirius XM offer military discount?

How much is Sirius radio with the military discount?

SiriusXM offers a 25% discount to military personnel, including Veterans, Retirees, Active Duty and Reserves.

Can you negotiate with Sirius?

Ever. SiriusXM is a prime case where negotiating your subscription rate will always save you money. All you have to do is call in, threaten to cancel, and wait until they offer you their comeback offer.

Does Netflix have military discount?

Netflix may not offer a military discount at this time. Check back often for updates as companies may change their policies at any time. … provides discount information as a service to our members.

Does Sirius Radio have senior discounts?

SiriusXM does not offer a senior discount.

How do I get free Sirius XM for life?

Here’s how to get free siriusxm for life!

  1. Call to cancel and do not accept any offers, just cancel the account.
  2. 24 hours before cancellation, remove the radio fuse from car and do not replace for 72 hours. The kill signal is sent only for the first 48 hours after cancellation. …
  3. Replace fuse.
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Does audible offer military discount?

The Audible military discount is available to all military members, both past and present. This includes those who currently serve in the Air Force, Army, navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, in National Guard, Reserve, or Active Duty roles. It includes retried military members and veterans as well.

Is SiriusXM free with Amazon Prime?

To take advantage of the deal, you need to be a new subscriber to SiriusXM radio. … Then, just sign up for either a SiriusXM Premier Streaming or SiriusXM All Access subscription through Amazon’s portal, and — assuming you’re an Echo owner — you’ll get the first three months of that subscription free.

How can I lower my Sirius bill?

Pay for a full year: One simple way to lower your SiriusXM bill is to pay for 12 months of the subscription upfront. SiriusXM does offer a small discount for the full-year package. This isn’t the rock-bottom price by any means, but it may offer you a small savings.

What’s the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM?

Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages. … XM radios can only receive XM packages. SiriusXM radios can only receive SiriusXM packages.

Does Amazon Prime military discount?

11, veterans, active-duty troops and Guard and Reserve members can get a one-year Amazon Prime membership for $79 — that’s $40 off the regular price. And if you already have an account, you can renew your Prime membership at the lower rate.

Do any streaming services offer military discount?

Hulu offers a military discount through their Exchange exclusive offer. Get one month free and 10% off each additional month ($7.99 before discount) for up to 1 year.

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Should I offer a military discount?

When you offer a military discount, the impression of your brand even improves with customers who AREN’T in the military. Offering a military discount gives everyone the warm fuzzies and creates a a positive impression of your company among people in and outside of the military.

Does Sirius offer lifetime subscription?

According to the Sirius XM website, the company no longer sells lifetime subscriptions. … On Sirius’s Listener Care page, lifetime subscriptions purchased prior to June 20, 2005 can be transferred from one radio to another any number of times, subject to a $75 fee for each permitted transfer.

What is Sirius platinum?

The Platinum VIP Plan lets you listen in up to 2 cars and on the SXM App, so you can enjoy all of the great SiriusXM content below whenever and wherever you choose. Ad-free music for every genre & decade, plus artist-created channels. Original talk, podcasts, exclusive comedy & news from every angle.

Does SiriusXM have a multi car discount?

Yes! Our Family Discount starts at a base price of $11.99 per month if you have an active, full-price plan already on your account. … By combining multiple radios into one account, you’ll be more likely to qualify for a Family Discount.