Frequent question: How can I get a discount on books a million?

How can I save money on Books-A-Million?

How to Save at Books-A-Million

  1. There’s usually a coupon code offering $5 off your first purchase on the homepage but check regularly as deals and discounts rotate.
  2. Toys and gadgets are often marked to 50% off.
  3. Check out the Bargains section of the website to see the wide selection of discounted reads.

How do I get an extra discount?

Top 10 Tricks to Get Discounts on Almost Anything

  1. Just Ask.
  2. Click the “Cancel” Button. …
  3. Learn to Negotiate. …
  4. Know Your Secret Price Codes. …
  5. Shop for Discounted Software. …
  6. Get a Student Discount…Even If You Aren’t a Student. …
  7. Take Advantage of Cheap Gift Cards. …
  8. Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart. …

How much is the Books-A-Million discount?

With your membership, you’ll also enjoy Wi-Fi in all Books-A-Million stores, advance notice of in-store sales, and a 10% In-Store Discount every day on thousands of books and other items in our 250+ stores nationwide.

How do I get free shipping with BAM?

You can sign up in our Books-A-Million retail stores, or click here to sign up online. You’ll begin receiving your Free Shipping immediately and new members will receive a $5 reward card via mail. If any item is not in stock, it won’t delay your order.

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Is Books-A-Million free shipping?

Does Books A Million offer free shipping? Get free shipping through Books A Million as a member of the Millionaire’s Club with no minimum purchase requirement. Use a Books A Million coupon code to get free shipping without joining the club to allow you a way to save even more on your purchases.

Do Books-A-Million coupons expire?

Cards are valid for one year after they’re purchased. Get all the details about our Millionaire’s Club Membership on our Millionaire’s Club page.

How do you ask for a discount?


  1. Just Ask! …
  2. Be Polite – Kill them with kindness! …
  3. Ask for a Manager – A normal salesperson or employee probably won’t be able to give you a discount. …
  4. Inquire About Future Sales – If they can’t give you a discount, ask them if they can tell you when any upcoming sales will be.

How do you offer someone a discount?

“We are pleased to offer you a discount…” “We’re saying ‘thanks’ by sending a discount your way.” “You’re about to save some major money this month!”

How do I get an avail discount?

How to calculate a discount

  1. Convert the percentage to a decimal. Represent the discount percentage in decimal form. …
  2. Multiply the original price by the decimal. Take the original price of the item and multiply it by the decimal determined in step one. …
  3. Subtract the discount from the original price.

How does the millionaires club work?

Upon joining the Millionaire’s Club, you’ll receive $100 in bonus coupon savings via email! … With your membership, you’ll also enjoy Wi-Fi in all Books-A-Million stores, advance notice of in-store sales, and savings of up to 40% on thousands of books and other items in our 230+ stores nationwide.

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Is Books-A-Million more expensive than Barnes and Noble?

BOOKS-A-MILLION SEEMS TO HAVE A BETTER BARGAIN SECTION: Plus, most of the books at BAM in the section are generally less than $7, but in B&N, you genuinely don’t understand just how much you may pay for a book. …

Why did Books-A-Million charge $25?

If the charge is $25 or close to it and comes from “Birmingham, AL”, this could be a renewal for our Millionaire’s Club Card Membership that provides free standard shipping for online orders, 10% discount in-store, promotional coupons and more.

How much is a BAM membership?

All for only $25 a Year!

Where is Books-A-Million?

The company also owns and operates American Wholesale Book Company (AWBC), an e-commerce division operating as, and an internet development and services company, NetCentral, in Nashville, Tennessee.


Type Private company
Founder Clyde W. Anderson
Headquarters Birmingham, Alabama
Number of locations 260

Where does Books-A-Million ship to? ships to most locations within the United States as well as to Military (APO/FPO) addresses and the U.S. Territories. Please note that does not ship to locations outside the United States.