Frequent question: How do I claim my Nandos discount?

How do I add a discount to Nandos?

Please activate your discount first, using a valid NHS email address by visiting to get started! When you Eat-in with us or order for Click & Collect, you can claim your discount when ordering via our app.

Can I claim my Nandos rewards online?

Do not fear! You can still redeem your rewards in our restaurants and online for Collection orders.

How do I claim Nandos rewards on the app?

To redeem your Nandos points, just scan your Nandos card (physical or digital) at the till or show the cashier your Nandos App home screen with your card number at the top. This means you can redeem your Nandos rewards without your physical loyalty card.

How does Nandos discount work?

To get the discount, simply show a valid photo ID card before placing your order – unfortunately it can’t be used on online or delivery orders. The discount’s valid for the whole table – but bear in mind, you can only use it once a day.

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Does Nandos have NHS discount?

Log in to your Nando’s account (or register for one) and let us know your NHS email address. We’ll ask you to re-verify your NHS email every 6 months. … You can apply your 20% discount to one order per day.

How do you get free Nandos on your birthday?

Eligible Members will be sent an email with a barcode for the Birthday Voucher on the 1st day of their birthday month (e.g. if an Eligible Member’s birthday is the 6th or the 29th of September they will be sent the email with the Birthday Voucher on the 1st of September and will have 30 days to redeem the Birthday …

How do I claim my Nandos chilli online?

You can collect Chillies and redeem rewards when you order directly through the Nando’s website or eat in at one of our restaurants. If you order directly through one of our delivery partners such as Deliveroo, unfortunately you won’t be able to collect Chillies or redeem rewards.

How do I add a Nandos reward receipt?

Members can add a receipt on the Nando’s app. You will need to enter details from the receipt. The transaction will then be reviewed and points added accordingly.

Does Nandos do student discount?

Unfortunately, Nando’s does not currently have a student discount scheme – it does offer 20% off to emergency service workers though, so some students (nursing students for example) might be able to use their ID to wangle a discount.

What do you get with Nando’s red reward?

10 Chillies = Red Reward: a whole chicken, or any combination meal (excluding steak products, Double Chicken Burger/Pitta/Wrap + 1 or 2 sides). All trial products are excluded from Nando’s Card Rewards.

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How do I claim Nandos rewards on Deliveroo?

You can’t claim any rewards when ordering via Deliveroo. You can use your Nando’s Card to earn chillies when ordering in the restaurant or online, but only through the Nando’s website – not Deliveroo.

Does Nandos use blue light card?

We do not accept the Blue Light Card, Defence Privilege Card or any third party membership card.

How do I redeem my Nandos birthday?

Here’s how:

Receive an email from Nandos with a barcode for your complimentary meal. Show the email in store along with either your Nandos card or the app and photo ID to redeem. This is valid: From the 1st to the 30th of your birthday month.

How much discount do Nandos staff get?

Some of our benefits include: Free meals for everyone who works in our restaurants when they’re on shift, and a discount of up to 40% when they’re not. (Depending on the day of the week.)

How do I register my Nandos card?

If you already have an account then log in or on the Nando’s app. You will then be prompted to link your physical Nando’s Card if you have one. You do this by entering the 16 digit code on the back of your card to link your card and view your Nando’s Card status.