Frequent question: How do I get 20% off Starbucks at Target?

Now all that is left to do is head to Starbucks inside your local Target, order your favorite drink and then scan your Cartwheel App barcode at checkout. You’ll instantly receive 20% off your order!

Do you get a discount at Starbucks with Target circle?

Right now at Target, you can save 20% on your favorite Starbucks Frappuccino drinks when you use the Target Circle app! To get this offer, download the Target Circle app and sign in (creating an account is free if you haven’t already!)

Can I use my Starbucks app at Target?

You cannot place a mobile order from the Starbucks app to be picked up at Target. Instead, you must order directly from a barista in the store. Baristas at Starbucks inside Target stores are employed through Target and considered part of the Food and Beverage team.

How do you use the Target circle at Starbucks?

Extra Savings Tip: If you have a Target Red Card linked in your Target app, slide the button next to RedCard to turn it off. Scan your Circle barcode at the Starbucks register to get the discount. Then pay with the Starbucks app to earn 2 stars for every $1 you spend.

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Can you earn Starbucks Rewards at Target?

Next time you’re shopping at Target, visit the Starbucks® Café and treat yourself. For just 150 Stars, redeem a Reward for your favorite food or drink. … Not a Starbucks® Rewards member? Sign up today and start collecting Stars toward Rewards.

Can you use a Target gift card at Starbucks in Target?

Target GiftCards can be used: … At Starbucks within Target stores. At Target Café At CVS Pharmacy within Target stores.

How much does the Starbucks in Target pay?

The typical Target Starbucks Barista At Target salary is $13 per hour. Starbucks Barista At Target salaries at Target can range from $9 – $16 per hour.

Can I redeem Starbucks Rewards online?

You can add funds to your digital Starbucks Card either online at, through the App, or in-person at a participating Starbucks store.

How do I redeem my target circle earnings?

In store using the Target app: Go to the Wallet tab, toggle Target Circle earnings “on” and scan your barcode at checkout. You can also apply your balance to an in-store transaction on the Account/Name tab by clicking on Circle to go to your Target Circle dashboard and then selecting Apply.

What happens if you forget to scan target circle?

What if I forgot to scan my receipt? shows more content

  1. Simply use the barcode scanner in the Target app to scan your receipt up to 7 days after the transaction. …
  2. If your receipt won’t scan, you can manually enter your receipt number on the app by selecting the Enter receipt number button.
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What is the point of target circle?

Target Circle is a loyalty program where you can earn 1% in Target Circle earnings rewards every time you make an eligible purchase with non-RedCard payment, which can be used at Target, in-store or online. Learn more at

Do you get double points at Target Starbucks?

Now Target Starbucks kiosks are working with the Rewards program. In addition to that through 10/19 you will get double stars for every purchase.

Do Target Starbucks employees get free drinks?

And while they’re actually on the clock, they can drink as many lattes as they want—most beverages are free for employees during work breaks.

Do Target Starbucks accept birthday rewards?

You may be happy to hear that you can now redeem your Lucky Dozen and Birthday Rewards at Starbucks Cafés in Target stores!