Frequent question: How do I get student discount on Delta?

Delta offers student discount pricing if you shop through Student Universe. Visit the link below and create an account with Student Universe to verify your status. Once logged in book your flight through Student Universe and you’ll get special discounted pricing.

Where do you enter promo code on Delta?

Visit the web site and click the Advanced Search link: Complete the required fields, and enter the appropriate meeting code: o enter Meeting Event Code “NGJ3D”. Note: all flights must originate from United States/Canada.

What is the code for Delta Airlines?

Delta Air Lines

Legal Name Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Airline Code 006
IATA Designator DL
Region The Americas

Is Delta a student universe?

Fly with Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines and StudentUniverse have teamed up to provide you the best student discounts on airfare. Study abroad, vacation, to/from school and home—whatever your reason for travel, Delta and StudentUniverse will get you there.

Do airports have student discounts?

Flights may be eligible for a student discount when booked with American Airlines. … You must be a student at one of the participating universities listed on the American Airlines website to be eligible for a student discount. Additionally, group booking with American Airlines offers savings for students.

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Does Delta Airlines offer senior discounts?

Delta: Delta offers senior discounts on certain itineraries, but they aren’t available online, so travelers should call 1-800-221-1212 to check eligibility.

Does Delta offer AARP discounts?

Nope, AARP doesn’t have a discount with Delta Airlines. But may save on flights when you book through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia.

Do Delta employees get discounts on flights?

A perk of the job, Delta employees receive free flight benefits on the airline and can access discounted fares on others. It’s known as “space available,” “standby,” or “non-revenue” travel as employees will only get onboard if there are open seats available after all paying customers have boarded.

Can my two year old fly free?

Infants: One child over 14 days and under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, may be carried free of charge when traveling with an adult (12 years of age or older). Although a boarding pass is not required for the infant, you will need a Boarding Verification Document.

Does Delta ever have sales?

Delta frequently sells award flights within the U.S., to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and elsewhere at huge discounts. Sometimes these sales are advertised; other times they’re secret – but we find them anyway and send them to Thrifty Traveler Premium members.

Does Lufthansa offer student discounts?

As a student travelling Lufthansa, you are eligible for a 10% Discount on a Student SIM.

Does JetBlue have student discounts?

JetBlue has partnered with ISIC to offer full-time students an 11% discount on all of their flights. … Individuals must purchase an ISIC identity card to be eligible for the discount. The annual cost of the card is $22.

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Which airlines give best student discounts?

So, let’s have look on top airlines offering attractive discount to students:

  • Delta Airline. Delta Airlines offers the best discounts on airfare to students going for education abroad. …
  • Singapore Airline. …
  • IndiGo Airline. …
  • Vistara Airline. …
  • Air India Airline.

What airlines give discounts to students?

Here is the list of airlines that offers student discounts:

  • American Airlines. American Airlines have some of the flights that offer student discounts. …
  • Southwest Airlines. Student discount fares are not provided by this Airline. …
  • United Airlines. …
  • Delta Air Lines. …
  • Lufthansa.

Is there any concession for students in international flights?

IndiGo. IndiGo offers flights with student discounts up to 6% of the base fares. Along with the standard baggage allowance, a student gets to carry an additional weight of 10 kg. However, this discount option is available only for bookings made until 31st March, 2021.