How can I get a free Y membership?

How can I get free Y membership?

Typically a volunteer at our Y needs to work 3-4 hours a week for a free individual membership. Volunteers at our Y work in the child watch room, the front desk, or give tours. Every YMCA runs differently. My challenge to you: if you pay for a gym membership but DON’T use it, then you MUST CANCEL it immediately.

How much are Y memberships?

Membership Rates

Member Type Joiner Fee Dues
Young Adult $30 $33 Monthly
Adult $50 $44 Monthly
Two Adults $95 $64 Monthly
Family $95 $72 Monthly

Does Cigna pay for gym membership?

If you have Cigna benefits, we’ve got a healthy incentive for you! family maximum of $300 per calendar year in qualified health club membership fees or exercise class fees. … The maximum fitness benefit is $100 per member per calendar year, up to a combined family maximum of $300 per calendar year.

What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program that provides gym access and fitness classes for older adults. It’s covered by some Medicare plans. A 2019 study of SilverSneakers participants found that individuals with more gym visits had higher self-reported physical and mental health scores.

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Can I use my Y membership anywhere?

Nationwide Membership enables active full facility YMCA members to visit any participating YMCA in the United States. Community participants and special memberships are not eligible to participate. You will need to sign a waiver each time you visit a Y outside of your association.

How much is Burbank YMCA membership?

Young adults (ages 18-29) and adult membership rates have been lowered to $40 and $50 a month, respectively. Rates for couples ages 18 and over have dropped to $85 per month.

How much is a gym membership?

After analyzing the prices of 16 popular U.S. gym chains, we found that the average monthly cost of a gym membership to enjoy the benefits of working out in 2021 is $37.71. Prices vary as well based on the membership; ranging from $31.00 with lower-tier memberships to $44.42 on higher-tier memberships.

Does Cigna offer Apple Watch?

Cigna joins up with American Well, while Aetna to offer Apple Watch subsidies to members and free devices to employees. … The benefit will be available to most Cigna members in employer-sponsored plans, as well as to certain individual health plans bought through private and public exchanges, the insurer said.

Does Cigna Cover Jenny Craig?

Healthy Rewards®* is a discount program available with your Cigna medical or dental policy. You can save on health and wellness programs – like Jenny Craig®, Pearle Vision®, Curves®,™ and more. No doctor’s referral or claim forms needed. Call 800.870.

What is EAP Cigna?

As part of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), access to clinical service options will depend on the plan purchased by your employer*. You get access to licensed clinicians to help you with emotional, behavioral, and other issues you may be experiencing.

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How much does SilverSneakers cost?

Silver Sneakers is a private health and fitness membership program designed for seniors. It’s available at no cost to those enrolled in a participating Medicare Advantage plan. There are over 16,000 participating Silver Sneaker gym facilities and 70 different types of health and fitness classes available nationwide.

Does Medicare Sponsor Silver Sneakers?

SilverSneakers is not a program affiliated with or administered by Medicare; it’s privately owned and run. So, it is not available through your Original Medicare coverage. You must have one of 60-plus specific Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or group retiree health plans to qualify for membership.

Is SilverSneakers Go app free?

The app is free for everyone, and current SilverSneakers members can experience unlimited usage to all features. Limited access to certain features is available to non-members and can be downloaded in the Apple or Google Play store. SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading community fitness program for older Americans.