How do I add my employee discount to Sprint?

How do I verify employment with Sprint?

You also can call 877-607-9002 or visit a Sprint Store.

Upload proof online if you don’t have a work email address:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the online form and upload your proof document OR.
  3. Fax a copy of the Sprint Perks Request Form along with your proof document to 913-523-1987 or toll-free 877-687-8211.

How do I add AAA discount to Sprint?

AAA members receive a 10% discount on the data portion of applicable Sprint plans.

Additional information:

  1. Must register for offer at within 30 days of activation and before downloading Sprint Family Locator App. …
  2. Sprint does not guarantee service or location accuracy.

What are Sprint Perks discount?

Sprint Perks is similar to the employee discount programs that many carriers offer, but this includes a few extra options and it is open to educators, military and active duty as well as small business owners. You get a discount on the top of the line plan, and military members get a 50% discount on the plan.

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Does Sprint offer low income discount?

Several broadband providers, including Cox, Comcast, AT&T and others, offer discounted internet service for low-income households with school-age students or other low-income users, but the Sprint program is unique in that it offers free service and is wireless, rather than landline-based.

How do you get Sprint perks?

Go to and complete the form using your company email address. You’ll then receive an email notifying you of eligibility. You also can call 877-607-9002 or visit a Sprint Store. Eligibility will depend on the agreement established between Sprint and your employer, school or organization.

How do I get a hold of Sprint customer service?

This section supports personal wireless customers only.

  1. Support Help:
  2. Chat:
  3. Social Customer Care:
  4. Sprint Customer Service phone number: 888-211-4727. If troubleshooting your Sprint phone, please contact us from a different phone.
  5. Postal Mail:

Is AAA still free with Sprint?

Sprint will renew your AAA Membership for as long as you remain an eligible Sprint customer.

Is AAA free with Sprint?

AAA members receive a 10 percent discount on the data portion of applicable Sprint plans. … Sprint customers who are also AAA members will receive free access to the Sprint Family Locator1 app, providing the ability to locate a family member’s registered phone.

Does Sprint still offer free AAA?

If you have Sprint service, you can get free AAA membership renewals for as long as you’re a Sprint customer when linking your accounts.

Does Sprint have employee discount?

Sprint Perks extends savings and special offers to employees, students of universities and organization members who team up with us. … Go to and look up your company by typing in your company email address. You also can call 1-877-607-9002 or visit a Sprint retail store.

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How can I lower my Sprint bill?

Steps to lower your Sprint bill

  1. Get your latest statement and do some research.
  2. Call or chat online with Sprint.
  3. Access your account by providing your pin.
  4. Remove features on your plan that you’re not using.
  5. Negotiate a lower rate for your bill.
  6. Request one time credits.
  7. Get a reference number.

What is the T-Mobile employee discount?

You get a 75% discount on monthly service for you and dependents, 20% for non dependents. The accessories are 20% off.

How much is the sprint first responder discount?

First responders and emergency personnel who have service through Sprint are eligible to receive special discounts on Sprint’s monthly plans, as well as up to 25% off accessories.

Is lifeline and ebb the same?

Can the Lifeline and EBB Program benefit be applied to the same service? A. Yes. If the consumer qualifies for both the Lifeline and EBB Program benefit, the benefits can be applied to the same service, up to the total cost of the service.

How do you qualify for a free cell phone?

Who qualifies for a free cell phone?

  1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  2. Medicaid.
  3. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  4. Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  5. Veterans Pension and Survivor’s Benefit.
  6. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance (BIA)