How do I get co op discount?

How much discount do co-op workers get?

If you’re a colleague member you get 20% off when you buy selected Co-op branded products and 10% off branded products in Co-op Group food stores.

How do I use my coop Totum card?

TOTUM and NUS extra cards have an active magnetic stripe. When using your TOTUM card in a Co-op store please ensure the cashier swipes the entirety of the black swipe strip on the front of your card. The Co-op is the only TOTUM brand partner to use this feature to access discounts.

Does co-op student discount include alcohol?

The partnership, formed in 2013, entitles students to a 10% discount on grocery shopping, including alcohol, in all 2,600 Co-op stores across the country. Exceptions to the offer include stamps, lottery tickets, tobacco and gift cards. The discount is also not available with online shopping.

Does Co-Op do NHS discount?

The Co-Op have announced they are offering a 10% discount to all NHS workers to say thank you for their efforts working on the frontline to help tackle the Coronavirus. All NHS workers have to do is show their ID card when they visit any Co-Op food stores to receive 10% off all food and other essentials.

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How much do Co-Op pay an hour?

The average Co-op salary ranges from approximately £21,714 per year for a Customer Assistant to £69,636 per year for an Area Manager. The average Co-op hourly pay ranges from approximately £8 per hour for a CSA to £948 per hour for a Customer Team Member (CTM).

Is Totum Pro better than Totum?


TOTUM is a student discount card available to higher education and further education students, whereas TOTUM Pro is for professional learners (i.e. people studying part-time for a professional qualification or current members of a recognised professional body).

Can you use Totum card at Coop?

To help you stretch your budget that bit further you can get 10% off your shop in-store at Co-op using your TOTUM or Young Scot card. Just show yours at the checkout and save! This is an exclusive discount that we’re proud to be the only grocer to offer.

What does Totum card get?

Make your money go further; TOTUM, the new name for NUS extra, gives you access to loads of massive student discounts and deals on eating out and fashion, tech and travel, and everything in between. It is the student card you need in your life.

What is Morrisons more for students?

The More for Students scheme offers students a range of benefits, including access to extra discount and student-only offers. It also provides students with hints and tips to help them through each term. It easy to sign up with a valid university email address (ending in .

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Does Sainsburys student discount?

Unfortunately as with most supermarkets, Sainsbury’s don’t currently offer any additional discount to students. However, they do always have excellent offers and you can almost always pick up a few freebies with your online shop.

Does Aldi do student discount?

Aldi doesn’t currently offer any discount to students, but there are always ways to make further savings. Keep an eye out for Aldi’s Specialbuys which change weekly, as well as special offers featured here at Save the Student.