How do you enter a promo code on Xfinity?

Click the Activate Your Coupon button in the email that was sent to you or, if you received a letter in the mail, visit the Xfinity microsite at Click the Sign In button, then sign in using your Xfinity ID and password. Click Begin Activation. Choose how you want to use your coupon.

Can I get discounts with Xfinity?

Yes, Xfinity offers discounts on its internet, cable TV, and home security services for military, veterans, students, and teachers, along with limited-time offers that are available to everyone and change based on your location.

What is the 5.99 Xfinity coupon for?

I received a coupon in the mail to “Take $5.99 off your next Xfinity On Demand movie rental or purchase. Or simply use it as a credit towards your Xfinity bill.” To redeem, it says to visit and follow the easy on-screen steps to activate the coupon.

What is a new customer for Xfinity?

All the fine print I’ve seen says the only restriction is that a “new” customer is anybody who han’t received service in 60 days. They’ll also probably look at the service address and not credit card #. Their new customer promos are likely available at their web site.

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How do I request a discount from Comcast?

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Call Xfinity customer service and ask for a discount. Your first stop is the standard customer service line. …
  2. Call back to try more than one agent. …
  3. Request to cancel your service (retention department) …
  4. Request to speak with a supervisor.

Are Comcast and Xfinity the same?

Comcast, the biggest cable provider in the United States, is changing its name. According to the company’s blog, Xfinity will now replace Comcast as the company’s new product name in an attempt to show customers that it’s not the “same old company,” but rather an innovator.

What is a credit balance on Xfinity?

A credit balance on your billing statement is an amount that the card issuer owes you. Credits are added to your account each time you make a payment. … If the total of your credits exceeds the amount you owe, your statement shows a credit balance.

Is Xfinity emails Xfinity com real?

BruceW. No, it’s a phishing email, a scammer attempt to steal login and account information.

Does Comcast have gift certificates?

Gift cards for Xfinity Store by Comcast are available for purchase online through Treat. Treat makes it easy to buy gift cards online for millions of merchants, from small boutiques to national brands, all in one place. … The gift card can be sent to you or the recipient directly via USPS First-Class or Priority Mail.

What is the least expensive Xfinity package?

What is the cheapest Xfinity package? At $30 per month, Choice Limited TV is the cheapest Xfinity cable TV plan. It’s important to know that it’s mainly local networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) and public access.

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Will Xfinity lower my bill if I threaten to cancel?

“Threatening to cancel will get you further than outright asking for a discount.” So just say “I’d like to cancel my service please.” You’ll almost certainly be transferred to a “retention specialist” whose job it is to change your mind.

What does Xfinity cost after 12 months?

Pricing for the cheapest plans starts at $19.99/month, then goes up to $50 after the first 12 months.

How can I lower my Comcast 2021 bill?

How to Lower Your Xfinity Bill

  1. Choose a TV package with fewer channels.
  2. Lower your internet speed.
  3. Stop going over your data cap.
  4. Get rid of rental equipment.
  5. Negotiate your monthly cost.

Why did my Comcast bill go up 2021?

“Content providers continue to increase the costs they charge us to carry their content, with broadcast TV and sports being the biggest drivers of price increases,” Comcast spokesperson Jenni Moyer said in a statement.

Why is my Xfinity bill so high?

Check for errors. Comcast has already admitted they have charged some of their customers an unintended fee before. If your monthly bill is higher than usual, checking for errors is one of the options to find out why. … Call the Comcast’s/Xfinity’s billing department (1-800-934-6489) to clarify any mistakes.