How do you get free food from Panera?

Join MyPanera for free and be one of the first to know when great Panera deals pop up, and get exclusive special offers too! Plus, you’ll earn personalized rewards based on your visits and the items you enjoy most often when you come to Panera.

Do you get free food at Panera?

You Can Pay What You Want at Some Restaurants

People who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from can seek out a Panera Cares location and get free food.

How do I get my free bagel from Panera?

Go to your local Panera Bread and show that you’re a MyPanera Rewards member to get your free bagel. The easiest way to show that you’re a MyPanera rewards member is by downloading the Panera Bread app and showing the cashier. Once they confirm you’re a MyPanera Rewards member, you can get your free bagel (reg.

Does Panera give free birthday?

Have a Happy Birthday with this free birthday dessert offer at Panera Bread! For your birthday, enjoy a free pastry or sweet at participating Panera Bread locations.

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How does the Panera rewards card work?

Just present your card every time you visit; we’ll swipe it and once we get an idea of what bakery-cafe items you prefer, we’ll do our best to reward you with more surprises based on what you love. It’s another way we say “thanks” for choosing us!

How do I get my free sandwich from Panera?

Free Food at Panera Bread

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Is Panera giving free bagels?

You have been selected to receive a free Panera bagel every day for a month. Yes, you read that right. This month, we are inviting you to enjoy a delicious, freshly-baked and free Panera bagel.

How long is Panera birthday reward?

Panera Bread Birthday Rewards. The Panera Bread birthday coupon is for a free pastry or bakery sweet. The coupon is valid for 7 days starting on your birthday. No purchase is required.

What kind of bagels does Panera have?

Panera’s bagel collection includes the basics (plain, sesame, everything, whole wheat), the savory (asiago cheese, jalapeño cheddar), the slightly sweet (blueberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon swirl & raisin), and the decadent (french toast, cinnamon crunch), and an occasional seasonal special (Pumpkin Pie!).

What is chick-fil-a birthday reward?

Chick-fil-A One

Download the Chick-fil-A app to get this reward for your birthday: A FREE Chocolate Chunk Cookie. You must add your birthdate to your profile after downloading the app.

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Does Chick-Fil-A do anything for birthdays?

All members of the Chick-fil-A One program receive a free birthday reward.

What does Wendy’s do for birthdays?

Wendy’s: My Wendy’s subscribers get a birthday coupon for free vanilla or chocolate frosty.

How do I redeem MyPanera rewards?

To redeem a reward, you need to sign in to your MyPanera account. After selecting your desired items, proceed to the check out page. All of your available rewards should appear at the top of the check out screen. Select “Redeem” to apply your reward to your order.

How many visits Panera rewards?

You can only visit once every two hours to receive a visit credit, per our program terms. So if you visit for lunch and then stop back at the counter for dessert on your way out, don’t worry – you’ve already been credited for that day’s visit and aren’t missing out on any additional reward credit.

Can you use multiple rewards at Panera?

When earned, Rewards, including Catering Reward Dollars, will be identified on your My Account page located at and may also be printed on your Panera Bread bakery-cafe receipt. Generally, only one Reward may be redeemed per transaction.