How much discount do NHS staff get at EE?

That’s why we’ve put together a new package of perks exclusively for NHS employees, including a 20% discount on our pay monthly mobile, SIM and broadband plans.

How much discount do’EE staff get?

Eligible employees and your friends and family may obtain the discount on up to five EE price plans in total. The discount: The 20% discount will only apply to the price plan’s monthly recurring charge and will last for the duration of your minimum term.

Is EE still doing unlimited data for NHS?

EE has today announced a new long-term package of perks for NHS workers. The 300,000 NHS workers already receiving unlimited data will continue to do so at no extra cost at a speed fast enough for instant messaging, web browsing and streaming music and video.

How do you get a discount on EE?

You must apply for a discount code online via the EE Perk Portal, but the discount code can only be redeemed online, via a EE retail store or EE call centre. It cannot be applied if you are buying your EE plan through a third party.

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Do NHS staff get discount at range?

At the moment, The Range does not offer a specific NHS Discount.

What perks do you get with EE?

Get 20% off pay monthly mobile, SIM only and broadband plans for you and up to 4 of your friends or family. To give 20% off, just log into the EE Perk page to generate a code which you can then share.

What is EE employee benefit?

Providing a well-rounded and robust benefits program to your employees is the key to attracting new talent, as well as retaining personnel. … Benefit programs can include group health, dental, vision and life, as well as options for 401k retirement plans, disability benefits and voluntary benefits.

What are NHS staff benefits?

Salary & employee benefits are important considerations when applying for jobs in the NHS.

  • Annual leave.
  • Pay enhancements.
  • Personal development & career progression.
  • Sick leave.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave.
  • Parental leave.
  • NHS pension.

Is EE giving free data?

EE has launched a new Pay As You Go (PAYG) deal that includes up to 3GB of mobile data for free. … EE says the all-new Pay As You Go option is designed to offer customers more data and minutes than ever before.

What is stay connected data with EE?

The EE Stay Connected service automatically switches on once a customer has used their monthly data allowance and is fast enough* for customers to send and receive data messages, check their emails on the go, and get where they need to with access to maps – helping them keep in touch.

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Do EE have a loyalty discounts?

20% Loyalty Discount upgrade – The EE Community.

What is MRC discount on EE?

Solved: 25% MRC discount – The EE Community.

Do teachers get EE discount?

20% off for teachers is now available – The EE Community.

Can I use my blue light card in B&M?

NHS & Blue Light Card Holders Get 10% Discount at B&M Retail. NHS workers can get 10% off at B&M ! Just show your NHS staff card or blue light card at the till.

Can I use my blue light card in supermarkets?

With a Blue Light Card, you can get money off your supermarket food bill, shops online and in store, restaurants, as well as access free tickets to major events all over the country.

Does B and M do NHS discount?

All NHS staff need to do is present their NHS photo identity card to our cashiers when paying for their goods. On behalf of everyone at B&M, we’d like to thank every single NHS worker for their tireless hard work and commitment over the past 9 months, and beyond. Thank you! *10% discount applied at the till.