How much is the AAA discount for Penske Truck Rental?

As AAA’s exclusive truck rental provider, Penske offers the automobile club’s members a discount of 12% off the daily rate for truck rentals.

Does Penske offer senior discount?

Unfortunately, no other large moving truck companies—like Penske and U-Haul—or self-storage companies offer discounts to AARP members.

Can you get a discount on U-Haul with AAA?

Unfortunately, Uhaul do not have a AAA discount program or partnership, so you cannot get a U-Haul discount with AAA. This is because U-Haul does not offer any discounts to any group of people be it active servicemen/women, veterans, seniors, students, or AAA members.

Is Penske cheaper than U-Haul?

U-Haul: Cost. When it comes to the overall cost of moving, you will typically find that Penske is slightly more expensive than U-Haul. This is because the company maintains a higher quality of trucks. Penske also tends to add its unlimited mileage option to its quotes.

Does Penske have unlimited mileage?

Get Unlimited Mileage With One-Way Truck Rentals

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Of all the national truck rental companies, only Penske offers free unlimited miles on one-way truck rentals anywhere in the United States. Other companies charge for miles over a certain amount.

Does Penske price match?

Another good thing about Penske is that they will probably match the price of Budget. Just give them a call and tell them that you have a reservation (book one online its cheaper, aaa discount and internet discount) and you found a better price at budget and see if they can match it.

Does UHaul take any discounts?

U-Haul has a dedicated discounts section which offers a rotating list of special ofers and coupons. Often you can save on Boxes and Moving supplies, business or long distance rentals, self storage, as well as access discounts from partners.

Is AARP the same as AAA?

AARP and AAA provide two of the most popular roadside assistance programs. AARP’s program is provided through Allstate while AAA operates its own affiliate network across the US. The organizations’ tiered membership offers similar roadside assistance packages.

What is the cheapest way to move across country?

10 Cheap Ways To Move Across The Country

  • Do-It-Yourself Move. A do-it-yourself move is the cheapest way to move long distances. …
  • Hybrid Move. …
  • Rent a Moving Container. …
  • Use a Freight Trailer. …
  • Ship it. …
  • Moving During the “Off-Season” …
  • Save Money on Packing Supplies. …
  • Declutter and Garage Sale.

How much does it cost to rent a 26 foot Penske truck?

On average, it will cost you between $200 and $1,000 to rent a 26 ft truck from Penske depending mainly on distance. Read how liftgate work for your need!

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Is Ryder or Penske better?

Penske Truck Leasing is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Ryder System Inc. is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits.

Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 3.5 3.3
Culture 3.2 3.1

Why is it so expensive to rent a moving truck?

Why are truck rates so high in California? It comes down to supply and demand, mostly caused by people leaving the state for reasons like high taxes, diminishing living standards, and rising home and apartment prices.

How much does Penske charge per day?

Penske is considered one of the more budget-friendly options when it comes to renting a moving truck, with Penske rental truck prices ranging from about $130 to $1,200 a day depending on what size truck you need to rent and how far you need to take it.

How much does it take to fill up a Penske Truck?

Need a Truck?

Truck Size 22’/26′ Truck
Fuel Type Diesel Gasoline
MPG Average 8 6
Average Cost per Gallon $3.59 $3.31
Cost per Mile $0.45 $0.55

What is the clearance of a 12 foot Penske truck?

Truck Side-By-Side Comparison Chart

Facts and Features High-Roof Cargo Van 12 Foot Truck
Cargo Interior 11’11” long 4’6″ wide 6’9″ high 12′ long 6’6″ wide 6’1″ high
Floor Space 53 sq. ft. 78 sq. ft.
Loading Space 404 cu. ft. 450 cu. ft.
Load Capacity 3,500 lbs. 3,100 lbs.