How much of a discount do you get working at Old Navy?

We offer 50% off regular-priced merchandise at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta, and 30% off at Outlet; for all employees and their spouses or domestic partners.

What are the perks of working at Old Navy?

Which benefits does Old Navy provide?

  • Health Insurance. 5.0★ 3 Ratings.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. 3.0★ 2 Ratings.
  • Dental Insurance. 4.0★ 1 Rating.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 3.0★ 1 Rating.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) 3.0★ …
  • Mental Health Care. 5.0★ …
  • Supplemental Life Insurance. 1.0★ …
  • Vision Insurance. 5.0★

How much do employees get off at Old Navy?

Merchandise discount for our brands: 50% off regular-priced merchandise at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, 30% off at Outlet and 25% off at Athleta.

Can Old Navy employees use discount online?

“Employee discount, but you can only use it on yourself.

Does Old Navy offer benefits for part time employees?

The only benefits part-time employees receive is discounts on the merchandise. No insurance, you do get employee discount.

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Does Old Navy give pay raises?

Not often, we don’t get much of a raise. Once a year but a raise is not guaranteed. Raises were given only after a year of employment accordingly to annual evaluations. Every 6 months in the first 2 years.

Does Old Navy pay weekly or biweekly?

How often do you get paid at Old Navy? Is it weekly or bi-weekly pay? Every 2 weeks.

How much do Old Navy cashiers make?

How much does a Cashier at Old Navy make? The typical Old Navy Cashier salary is $11 per hour. Cashier salaries at Old Navy can range from $8 – $20 per hour.

Does Old Navy hold your first check?

4 answers. After being hired, you have one week to get your first paycheck. Everyone gets paid at the same time (depending on if you chose direct deposit or it’s delivered to the store). Usually every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

How much does 5 below pay an hour?

Five Below Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Sales Associate Range:$8 – $14 Average:$10
Merchandising Manager Range:$11 – $19 Average:$15
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:$11 – $19 Average:$14
Cashier Range:$8 – $14 Average:$10

What do Old Navy employees wear?

No straps, tank tops, or short shorts. Old Navy’s dress code is quite casual. You can pretty much wear anything you like other then tank tops, unintentional ripped jeans or clothing, shorts/skirts that are shorter than six inches.

What is the gap employee discount?


We offer 50% off regular-priced merchandise at Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta and Old Navy, 30% off at Outlet and 10% off markdowns for all employees and their spouses or domestic partners.

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How do I request time off at Old Navy?

You send in a note to your manager or ask them directly. They have a system that u go into when you either clock in or out to put a request in. Just talk to the manager. They will work with you.

Does Old Navy offer insurance?

Employer Summary

Old Navy offers medical insurance to eligible employees.

Does Old Navy have 401k?

Old Navy offers a 401(k) plan for eligible employees with a match up to 4% of an employee’s pay.

Does Old Navy have insurance?

Old Navy Benefits include Dental Insurance and Health Insurance. Employees score their Perks And Benefits an average of 59/100.