Question: Does First Lite offer military discount?

Does First Lite have a law enforcement discount?

Q: Do you offer a law enforcement or military discount? First Lite values the service of our law enforcement officers and servicemen and women. You can access our professional discount application here.

Does firstlight offer military discount?

All of our prices are based upon MSRP. However, First-Light USA is proud to offer discounts for military personnel and law enforcement professionals, and quantity discounts on larger orders.

Does First Lite ever have sales?

First Lite is one of the top brands in the hunting gear market. Top-tier brands like First Lite don’t go on sale often. So when we see items from our best-of lists at discounted prices, we feel it’s important to make sure you know so you can snag some great gear — and save some money while you’re at it.

Does First Lite run small?

They are sized a bit differently, but bought them last year and they might have changed the sizing a bit this year. In the Sanctuary the bibs run small. I went XXL and glad I did. The jacket is a L and that is big enough for me, even layered.

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Who started first lite?

First Lite was conceived by Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson who had long lived in Central Idaho and worked in the winter sports industry. As merino began to emerge as a premier fabric for skiing, biking and climbing, Kenton and Scott began to try wool garments on their fall hunts.

Where are first Lite products made?

First lite gear is not made in the USA. Some is made in Vietnam, some is from China, but none is from the US that I’ve ever seen. They are HQ’d in the US but all their manufacturing is overseas I believe.

Does Sitka give military discount?

Kuiu and Sitka also offer discounts for Vets, military and first responders. Sitka requires the Leoadventures verification for the 40% discount.

Does Sitka offer law enforcement discount?

SITKA. LeoAdventures is the perfect way for Law Enforcement, Military, and other qualifying individuals to save up to 40%! You’ll need a membership to in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Is meat eater sponsored by First Lite?

“First Lite was a sponsor of the MeatEater TV show from the very beginning, and I’ve been loyal to them ever since. … Since its inception in 2007, First Lite has been committed to providing the best technical apparel developed for hunters, like its signature merino wool gear.

Does First Lite make tall sizes?

6’4″ 260 lbs (not skinny) and both Sitka and First Lite stuff reaches tall enough for me. Get the shirts with thumb holes, they will keep your wrists covered too.

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What size hunting pants do I need?

Most folks need them 2″-3″ larger than the biggest part of their belly. For example, if your stomach measures 39″ or 40″ order a 42″. INSEAM: When worn over pants, the crotch on bibs hangs lower than pants. Because of this, most people need bibs shorter than their pants inseam length, so they don’t drag on the ground.