Question: How much is a discount tire franchise?

Do tire shops make good money?

Is owning a tire shop profitable? Tire repair shop profits depend on a number of factors, including shop size, inventory, team size, prices, location, and sales and service volume. Moderately sized tire shops with minimal expenses may expect a profit margin of around 20 percent or more.

How much does it cost to start a Big O tire franchise?

Big O Tires Franchise Costs & Fees

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $10,000 $35,000
Initial Training – Fees, Travel & Lodging Expenses $1,000 $7,800
Real Estate Leases (One to Three Months’ Rent Plus Security Deposit) $24,000 $68,000
Equipment, Fixtures and Other Fixed Assets $100,000 $235,000

What is Discount Tire worth?

Today the $4.3 billion (revenues) tire and wheel retailer has stores in 29 states and plans to be in 34 states by the end of 2018. He and his family are understood to own all of Discount Tire.

Who owns Discount Tire Direct?

Discount Tire

Discount Tire store in Ypsilanti, MI
Founded 1960 Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
Headquarters Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.
Number of locations 1092 stores in 36 States (Dec. 2021)
Key people Bruce Halle, founder Dean Muglia, CEO Michael Zuieback, Executive chairman Ed Kaminski, COO Christian Roe, CFO

How much do tires really cost?

According to CostHelper, a standard, all-season tire costs between $50 and $200 each with an average price of $80 to $150. For a pickup truck or SUV, drivers may pay $50 to $350, with an average cost of about $100 to $250.

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