Quick Answer: How do you get the shirou bundle in free fire?

How much is shirou Free Fire?

How to buy Shirou. In the OB26 Server, Shirou Free Fire can be bought from the in-game store for 1 diamond. Moreover players will also get the costume bundle called Hurricane Delivery Set.

How do you get a bundle of Free Fire?

How to get free diamonds to grab character bundles in Free Fire

  1. Google Opinion Rewards. Google Opinion Rewards is one of the authentic ways to obtain in-game currency without paying any money. …
  2. Booyah! app. …
  3. Giveaways. Several Instagram pages and YouTube channels host regular giveaways. …
  4. Redeem codes.

Who is the most rare bundle in Free Fire?

The developers introduced six Galaxy Dino bundles in Free Fire, and one of them was a blue dinosaur suit. The Dino bundles were part of a Free Fire Incubator and were removed after a specific period. The Blue Dino bundle was the toughest to redeem, and it consequently became the rarest among all outfits.

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Which is the best bundle ever in Free Fire?

Crazy Panda is one of the most attractive bundles that users can presently avail of in Garena Free Fire via the Magic Cube. This item was added back in June 2018 through Diamond Royale. Unlike the majority of the other bundles, Crazy Panda must be worn as a whole set and can be equipped on only female characters.

Who is K character in Free Fire?

In-game description: “K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.” K has an active in-game ability, which is called “Master of All.” It is one of the unique in-game abilities and comes with separate modes, i.e., Jiu-jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. The ability increases the maximum EP by 50 at all the levels.

What is the price of Skyler in FF?

The Superstar Skyler character was moved to the Free Fire in-game store for 499 Diamonds and his bundle is 899 diamonds. Here are the steps to buy the character in game.

How do you get free diamonds in FF?

3 ways to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire

  1. Google Opinion Rewards has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.
  2. Swagbucks requires players to perform certain tasks in exchange for their currency – SB.
  3. The only cashout method available in Poll Pay is PayPal Giftcard.

How do you get the Joker bundle in Free Fire 2021?

Step 1: First, open Garena Free Fire and click on the Store icon. Step 2: Click on the ‘Redeem’ tab. Step 3: Select the Night Clown Bundle under the Magic Cube section and click the exchange button. Step 4: A pop-up will appear, prompting the players to confirm the purchase.

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How do you get free hip hop bundles on Free Fire?

Follow the below-listed steps to get Hip Hop set:

  1. Open the events section in Free Fire.
  2. Tap on the TRAP Identity event.
  3. Choose your favourite character among the four.
  4. Earn mic tokens by completing simple tasks to vote for the chosen character.
  5. Collect 50 mic tokens to receive all the three gift items.

Who is the richest noob in Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob in Free Fire by his fans in the Indian gaming community. He owns a YouTube channel named after himself and it has more than 12.4 Million subscribers.

Is Bunny Warrior Bundle is rare in Free Fire?

This is another rare Free Fire bundle that had one of the most unique character outfits. The Bunny Warrior outfit was introduced as a part of the Draw a Bunny event.

Which criminal bundle is rarest?

1) Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop Bundle is at the top position and is arguably the rarest bundle in Garena Free Fire.

Who is Yokai soul seeker?

Yokai Soul Seeker or Oni Soul Seeker is one of the newest costume bundles added to the game. Players can avail it by playing the Diamond Royale. In this article, we discuss all you need to know about the Yokai Soul Seeker.

How do you get Sakura bundles in Free Fire?

How to get the Sakura Clubber bundle in Free Fire. Step 1: Players should first open the Hacker’s Store and select the Sakura Clubber bundle as their Grand Prize. Step 2: They should then select the required Bonus Prize and press “Confirm.”

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Which is the rare gun skin in Free Fire?

M1014 Apocalyptic Green is one of the rarest and highly desired gun skin ever in Free Fire. Players will have a special advantage while using this because it increases the fire rate and the range at the same time. The reloading speed of the gun is slow which is quite disturbing.