Quick Answer: Which car insurance companies offer low mileage discounts?

GEICO offers the best car insurance for low-mileage drivers at an average rate of $982 per year. The company with the largest discount for low-mileage insurance is State Farm. They offer a discount of $115, bringing their average low-mileage premium to $1,092 per year — still $110 more than GEICO’s rate.

What qualifies as low mileage for insurance?

What is considered low-mileage? According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the average American drives 13,476 miles each year. That’s about 37 miles per day. If you drive less than 37 miles per day, you’re likely a low-mileage driver.

Does Geico give discounts for low mileage drivers?

No, Geico does not offer a specific low mileage discount. Geico premiums do take mileage into account, however, as rates are an average of 27% lower for customers who drive 7,500 miles annually than for customers who drive 15,000 miles annually, according to WalletHub data.

Does Safeco offer low mileage discount?

Safeco also offers a low-mileage discount program. If you’re older than 25 and drive your car less than 8,000 miles each year, you could get up to 20% off your auto insurance. This could be a solid option for those who work from home or those who frequently use public transit.

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What does Allstate consider low mileage?

No, Allstate does not offer a specific low mileage discount. Allstate premiums do take mileage into account, however, as rates are an average of 23% lower for customers who drive 7,500 miles annually than for customers who drive 15,000 miles annually, according to WalletHub data.

Which is a type of insurance to avoid?

Avoid buying insurance that you don’t need. Chances are you need life, health, auto, disability, and, perhaps, long-term care insurance. But don’t buy into sales arguments that you need other more costly insurance that provides you with coverage only for a limited range of events.

How can I lower my car insurance rates?

Five ways to lower your car insurance premium

  1. DON’T pay the bill each month. Unlike other bills where you get savings for paying by Direct Debit, paying monthly for insurance can cost more. …
  2. Avoid auto-renewal. …
  3. Shop around. …
  4. Reduce the risk. …
  5. Use your no-claims bonus.

Does Enterprise give Geico discounts?

Yes, Geico policyholders get car rental discounts of as much as 20% to 50% from popular agencies like Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz, and National Car Rental.

Does Safeco have a military discount?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for auto insurance for veterans, you’ll want to look specifically for companies that give discounts to veterans, which include GEICO and Safeco, while companies like Liberty Mutual only offer discounts to active duty military.

What is enhanced level protection with Safeco?

Safeco Enhanced covers primary insurance needs with the option to add more coverages at a competitive price. It also includes: Accident forgiveness. Audio, visual and customized equipment coverage.

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Does Safeco give discount for defensive driving?

Yes, Safeco offers a defensive driving course discount for drivers who take an approved accident prevention course. By voluntarily taking an approved defensive driving course, Safeco car insurance customers in eligible states can get a discount, though the exact amount varies between each state.

Does USAA offer low mileage discount?

USAA will give you a discounted rate based on the number of miles that you drive in a year. This discount is only available to drivers over the age of 29. Qualifying drivers can sign up and receive devices that they plug into ports on their cars.

What is the best annual mileage for insurance?

Most insurance providers consider someone who drives between 0 and 7,500 miles per year a “low-mileage driver.” Most insurance consumers are initially rated by default at the standard U.S. average mileage of 12,000 miles per year. However, some motorists drive far fewer than 12,000 miles per year.

Does Progressive have pay per-mile?

Progressive does not have pay-per-mile in its most literal form, where customers are charged a low base price plus a per-mile rate. … Progressive adjusts your premium every time you renew your policy based on actual driving habits like: Total mileage.