What is another name for a discount store?

What else can you call a store?

What is another word for store?

cache hoard
stores stocks
lodgmentUK cumulus
kit lodgementUS
hidden treasure hidden supply

What is discount store in retail?

Discount stores are a category of retail stores where retailers sell merchandise at discounted prices. Most of the discount stores are like departmental stores as they sell a variety of products under the roof. … Discount store retailers buy products in vast quantities from manufacturers to get a massive discount.

What’s another name for store brand?

Private brands, also known as private label and store brands, are made and sold for a specific retailer and meant to compete with brand-name goods.

What do u call a store that sells everything?

general store

noun. American a shop that sells a wide range of products, often found in small communities.

What is a discount variety store?

Discount variety stores retail general merchandise such as food products, toys, household goods, hardware, furniture, apparel and novelty products. These goods are typically inexpensive and are offered at discounted prices.

What type of goods are usually sold by discount stores?

Modern discount stores may range from specialty shops (such as discount bookstores) to major discount chains that typically sell a wide variety of products including hard goods (e.g., major electronics, automobile supplies, toys, and small appliances), soft goods (e.g., apparel, bedding, and bath products), groceries, …

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Which of the following is a characteristic of discount stores?

Discount stores achieve their pricing by buying in massive quantities, buying discontinued or out of season merchandise, and cutting out the middlemen. Their value position comes from the perceived bargain that the customers are getting. These include full-line discount stores and off-price retailers.

What do we call store in English?

1. countable noun. A store is a building or part of a building where things are sold. In British English, store is used mainly to refer to a large shop selling a variety of goods, but in American English a store can be any size of shop.

What is the emporium?

An emporium is a large store that sells a variety of merchandise. You can call a department store, with its many different departments, an emporium. … Emporium is a Latin word, rooted in the Greek emporion, “trading place or market,” from emporos, “merchant or traveler.”

What is the retail shop?

: a place of business usually owned and operated by a retailer but sometimes owned and operated by a manufacturer or by someone other than a retailer in which merchandise is sold primarily to ultimate consumers.

What types of shops are there?

Kinds of shops


What is a seller called?

merchant. nounperson who sells goods. broker. businessperson.