What is the employee discount at Dunkin?

We have to pay for everything we get, at a 10% discount. There’s more part-time people, so those that do work full-time end up getting close to 60 hours and are LUCKY to see two days off a week.

Do Dunkin Donuts employees get discounts?

Employee Discounts

Staff members have to pay for everything they get, with a 10% discount on all items. Qualified Dunkin’ employees are eligible for free lunch and snacks, but not every staff member falls under this category.

Does Dunkin Donuts give free donuts to employees?

Originally Answered: Do Dunkin’ Donuts employees get free donuts? They get free food, but the employees all complain that it has to be whilst on shift.

Do u get free coffee if u work at Dunkin?

When you’re working a regular shift, do you get coffee and food? I think technically coffee is free, so we do that. And we’re technically supposed to pay — we get an employee discount though — on sandwiches and bagels, I think, but we pretty much just eat them.

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How much do Dunkin employees get paid?

The typical Dunkin’ Donuts Crew Member salary is $12 per hour. Crew Member salaries at Dunkin’ Donuts can range from $7 – $22 per hour. This estimate is based upon 1064 Dunkin’ Donuts Crew Member salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Do Dunkin workers get free food?

Dunkin’ Donuts provides free or reduce-priced food to employeee.

Does Dunkin pay weekly or biweekly?

7 answers. Dunkin Donuts is paid biweekly. … Dunkin donuts pays weekly but isn’t much because they don’t schedule you often.

Does Dunkin give PTO?

Dunkin’ PTO and Vacation policy typically gives 0-10 days off a year. Paid Time Off is Dunkin’ most important benefit besides Healthcare when ranked by employees, with 31% of employees saying it is the most important benefit.

Does Dunkin give holiday pay?

Dunkin’ Donuts Paid Holidays

Paid time off may include vacation, sick, and personal time depending on the franchisee and where the restaurant is located.

Do you get paid for training at Dunkin Donuts?

Yes, they pay for training. Yes, they do pay you for training.

How long is Dunkin Donuts training?

Two to three weeks or longer depending on how long it takes you to understand the information given.

What is Dunkin Donuts dress code?

Discounts on our packaged coffee, Dunkin’ K-Cups® and tea to enjoy at home. “Dress for Your Day” policy welcomes a casual dress code unless meetings require business attire.

Is working at Dunkin hard?

It can be extremely stressful working in the mornings at Dunkin due to the amount of workload. Despite the stressful work environment, you can get as much free food and drinks as you want.

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How much does Dunkin Donuts pay 2021?

The typical Dunkin’ Donuts Crew Member salary is $14 per hour. Crew Member salaries at Dunkin’ Donuts can range from $9 – $17 per hour.

What age can you work at Dunkin?

To work at Dunkin’ Donuts you must be at least 16 years old. Possible positions are porter, crew members, counter help, cashier, shift leader/supervisor, assistant store manager or even restaurant manager. Each store has different requirement for each position.