What is the Rogue Fitness military discount?

Rogue Fitness does not offer military discounts, as they state they want to keep prices low for all of their customers. They offers great online deals for all of their customers through the Rogue Deals section of their website.

Does Rogue Fitness have military discounts?

We do not offer a military discount. In an effort to serve our troops better, we have made it possible to ship to APO/FPO addresses by purchasing through our APO site.

Does rogue offer any discounts?

Rogue Discount #2: Closeout Equipment

The closeout section of the Rogue website is an excellent way to purchase Rogue equipment at a discount price. It features discontinued items, general closeout, and even used equipment from local events.

What is Rogue Fitness Apo?

Rogue Fitness APO – Strength & Conditioning Equipment. Rogue Fitness is the leading manufacturer in strength and conditioning equipment & an official sponsor of the CrossFit® Games, Arnold Classic, and USA Weightlifting.

Does rogue deliver to APO?

IN UNIFORM. Rogue Fitness is exceedingly grateful and proud of the service rendered by the men and women of the US military. … In an effort to serve our troops better Rogue Fitness has made it possible to ship to APO/FPO addresses by purchasing through our APO store.

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Does rogue do military?

Rogue Fitness sells premium, American made workout equipment. They don’t offer a military discount, but they do give back to the United States military in other ways and provide many ways for all of their customers to save money on their products.

Does Rogue have payment plans?

To submit an application, click the “Apply” link below your preferred financing institution. … Get what you want now and keep your money in your pocket. No Payments and No Interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

How do I use a rogue fitness promo code?

Simply choose your favorite coupon and copy the promo code. During checkout at roguefitness.com, paste the promo code in the text box marked “Gift Cards” and press “Apply.”

Does rogue ship for free?

All orders made through the website totaling over $5000 of items stocked at the Rogue Warehouse qualify for free shipping . … If your order includes over $5k of items stocked* at the Rogue Warehouse we will ship all of those items to you for free. Only valid in the continental US 48 states; excludes expedited shipping.

Is Rogue Fitness a good company?

Rogue Fitness is a legitimate company with a variety of options for athletes at every level. Whether you’re just starting CrossFit or working on your weightlifting progress, Rogue can help you reach your goals. Along with exercise equipment, you can buy accessories, apparel and nutritional supplements from Rogue.

Does Rogue Fitness charge tax?

*All California orders placed after April 1, 2019 will be subject to California State and District Sales Tax.

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How long does Rogue Fitness take to deliver?

WHEN WILL MY ORDER SHIP? In stock small parcel items ship the same day if ordered before 3pm ET. Freight orders will ship within 5-7 business days.

How much is rogue shipping for plates?

Rogue has a mix of paid and free shipping, so the $158 freight charge only covers the rack, bar, and bench (the plates are “free” shipping).

How long do rogue plates take to ship?

What does this mean? It means that barring any shortages you can order an equipment package and it will go out in 1-3 days, most of the time it will go out within 24 hours. If you are in the Columbus, OH area we stock bars, bumpers, steel plates, kettlebells, rings, pull-up bars/brackets, GHD’s and much more!

How long does it take rogue to restock?

Popular exercise equipment companies like Rogue Fitness and Rep Fitness have banners at the top of their websites advising customers of shipping delays that are measured in days, but could also be measured in weeks. (Rogue is mercifully down to 5-7 days for its in stock items.)