Where do I enter the promo code for Summoners war iOS?

Run Summoners War. On the main screen, tap on the Event icon that is located in the top right corner, right below your crystals. Choose “Game guide”, scroll to the bottom, and tap on the “Enter your promo code here” banner. Type the promo code exactly as it is shown and tap “Enter”.

How do I enter a promo code on Summoners war iOS?

To apply a Summoners War promo code via a link (for iOS and Android), you’ll have to use the link http://withhive.me/313/ then paste the code at the end. You can do this from your phone browser (with the game installed on your device).

Where do you put the promo code for Summoners war?

How to Redeem Summoners War Promo Codes on Both iOS and Android

  • Launch Summoners War on your device.
  • Then tap on the Event button, (the pink gift box icon)
  • After this, you scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • When at the bottom you simply click the button- “Enter your promo code here!”

How do I get Nat 5 in Summoners war?

Your odds of getting a nat 5 are like 1 in 200 for each mystical scroll. Best advice I can give is to get a TOA team going (both normal and hard). You’ll get 2 legendary scrolls each month for clearing them, and each legendary scroll has like a 5% chance of dropping a nat 5 star (that’s a 1 in 20 chance).

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What are the chances of getting a 5 star monster in Summoners war?

Monsters. Newly summoned monsters can range from a 1-star grade to a 5-star grade, with 4 and 5 star monsters being the rarest. As of January 2018, 5 star monsters have about a 0.5% chance to obtain from a mystical scroll.

How do you summon in Summoners war?

How to summon Nat5

  1. Go to channel 104.
  2. Watch the chat until a Nat5 appears. Set a timer right that second.
  3. 12 Minutes later, press Summon right that second.
  4. Get lightning.

What does GZ mean in Summoners war?

Gz : Chat lingo, short for “gratz”, which in turn is short for “congratulations”.

Is Xiong Fei worth fusing?

A monster worth fusing (just like Veromos and Sigmarus), Xiong Fei is easily one of the best units you can use to break into NB10. He is a great addition with multi-hit skills that can adapt to any teams because of its versatility as a shield breaker and support/debuffer.

What is the best monster in Summoners war?

Best 5-Star Monsters (PvE)

  • Sigmarus (Water Phoenix) …
  • Water Homunculus (Ice Mist Path) …
  • Veromos (Dark Ifrit) …
  • Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior) …
  • Dark Homunculus (Unbalanced Field Path) …
  • Wind Homunculus (Whirling Wind Path) …
  • Theomars (Water Ifrit) …
  • Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)