You asked: Do Florida residents get a discount at Disney?

Does Disney World have Florida resident discounts?

Florida Residents can experience the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and save big on tickets! Enjoy an action packed visit to Walt Disney World Resort! Florida Residents can save 40% on 4-Day Tickets and 30% on 3-Day Tickets compared to the non-Florida Resident price of a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket.

Why does Disney give Florida residents discounts?

So, they try to lure in the more wary, experienced fish/prey. They have the added advantage of knowing it will only cost the local residents gas/petrol money so they won’t need to spend extra on hotels. So they give hotel discounts, and then the residents will spend two or more days in the park, instead of one.

Can you go to Disney for free if you live in Florida?

You can absolutely purchase Florida Resident theme park tickets for your grandchildren and yourself. … Harnitha, don’t forget that you can use your Florida Resident status to take advantage of Special Offers at Disney Resort hotels. Your family is welcome to stay with you!

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Can a Florida resident bring a guest to Disney?

While there are quite a few options for Walt Disney World Resort tickets for Florida residents (including the current Discover Disney Ticket), any Guest over the age of 18 will need to show Florida proof of residency to activate those tickets.

How many Disney tickets can a Florida resident buy?

If you buy the Florida Resident Discount Tickets online, the maximum amount of tickets you can purchase per transaction is 20 tickets [Ten (10) Adult tickets; ages 10+ and ten (10) Child tickets; ages 3-9].

How much are Disney annual passes 2021?

Here are the current annual pass renewal prices: Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $339 plus tax (a $60 discount) Disney Pirate Pass: $594 plus tax (a $105 discount) Disney Sorcerer Pass: $765 plus tax (a $134 discount)

What age is free at Disney?

Children aged under 3 years get in free to all four theme parks and two water parks at Disney World. Kids ages 3 to 9 pay a youth ticket price, and kids 10 and older pay the adult admission rate.

What discounts do you get for being a Florida resident?

Attraction discounts for Florida residents

  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Save over $45 on gate prices when you purchase online. …
  • WALT DISNEY WORLD: Florida residents save more on multi-day tickets. …
  • LEGOLAND: Florida residents can save up to $15 on a day ticket. …
  • SEA WORLD: Save $10 on a day tickets, or save $27 on a weekday ticket.

What is proof of Florida residency?

A Florida voter’s registration card. A Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card. A Florida vehicle registration. Proof of a permanent home in Florida which is occupied as a primary residence by the individual or by the individual’s parent if the individual is a dependent child.

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How does universal know if you are a Florida resident?

You may provide one of the following as your proof of residence: Florida Driver’s License, Florida State-issued ID card (must have Florida address), Florida voter’s registration card with corresponding photo ID, College ID from a Florida college or university with corresponding photo ID.

Can Florida residents buy Disney tickets for grandchildren?

You can absolutely purchase Florida Resident theme park tickets for your grandchildren who are under the age of 18. All you would have to do is activate their tickets using your Proof of Florida Residency at any Ticket window at the theme parks or the Disney Springs Guest Services location.

Can you take snacks into Disney World?

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverage items into the park for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers and do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors.

How much does it cost to get into Disney World in Florida?


FL Resident – Base Ticket $109 – $159 $73 – $105
FL Resident – Park Hopper $142 – $192 $86 – $117
FL Resident – Park Hopper Plus $162 – $212 $93 – $124

How do you get Florida residency?

How to Officially Become a Florida Resident

  1. File a Declaration of Domicile.
  2. Register to vote and then vote in Florida.
  3. Obtain a Florida library card.
  4. Notify tax and voting officials of your previous residence that you have become a resident of Florida.
  5. Apply for Homestead Exemption. …
  6. Titling Homestead property.
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How much is a 3 day Disney ticket?

Multi-Day Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Adult
3-Day Ticket 1 Park Per Day $330
Park Hopper $390
4-Day Ticket 1 Park Per Day $360
Park Hopper $420