You asked: What are Vodafone discounts?

Do Vodafone do discounts?

Vodafone Together discount: If you have signed up to an eligible Airtime and an eligible Pro Broadband plan, you are eligible for a discount on your Broadband plan. Both services must remain connected to continue to receive the discount. The discount amount will vary depending on what Airtime plan you have.

How can I get a discount on my Vodafone bill?

MobiKwik Offer On Vodafone Postpaid Bill Payment: Get 100% SuperCash

  1. MobiKwik is offering 100% SuperCash on Vodafone Bill Payment & Recharge.
  2. The minimum transaction amount is Rs. …
  3. The maximum Supercash on one transaction is fixed on Rs. …
  4. Use coupon code ‘NEW100P’ to get the Postpaid Bill Payments Offers.

How much discount do Vodafone employees get?

Up to 25% off SIM only, tablets and Xtra Plans

These discounts only apply to phones, tablets and SIM only plans that aren’t already on offer. Clearance and refurbished devices are also eligible.

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What is Vodafone loyalty discount?

Your exclusive discount

As an existing Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, you’re eligible for a 15% discount when taking up selected additional plans – across phones, tablets, SIM only and Mobile WiFi.

What is Vodafone airtime plan?

‘Airtime’ is your data, minutes and texts – how you stay connected to your mobile network. Your Xtra Plan is an ‘Airtime Plan’, because it includes your airtime (data, minutes and texts), plus Xtra benefits.

Does Vodafone do price match?

Price match promises are offered by most networks, although sometimes a price-match won’t extend between networks (e.g., from EE to Vodafone). If you can find a price match on a phone or package identical to the one your provider is offering, it’s worth using this as ammunition to haggle for a better price.

How do you get coupons on the VI app?

Vi will credit cashback coupons to eligible users within a week of their recharge. The coupons can be accessed by users to get a discount when they recharge their phones. However, users will have to redeem these coupons through the Vi app but the recharge can be done from anywhere.

What happens if we not pay vi postpaid bill?

If you don’t pay your Vodafone Idea postpaid bill on time, your services will get barred after some days. The company will remind you to pay the outstanding bill in order to continue the services on your Vi postpaid number.

How can I know my Vodafone postpaid bill?

How To Check Vodafone Postpaid Bill Online Using Website?

  1. Step 1: Visit Vodafone’s official website on your smartphone or PC.
  2. Step 2: Enter your Login details.
  3. Step 3: After logging in, click on ‘My Accounts’
  4. Step 4: Under this tab, you can find your unused minutes and data.
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What benefits do I get with Vodafone?

Which benefits does Vodafone provide?

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness. Life Insurance. 4.0★ 5 Ratings. …
  • Financial & Retirement. Pension Plan. 4.1★ 7 Ratings. …
  • Family & Parenting. Flexible Working. 4.2★ 24 Ratings. …
  • Vacation & Time Off. Sick Pay. 4.1★ …
  • Perks & Benefits. Bike to Work Scheme. 4.2★ …
  • Professional Support. Job Training. 3.7★

What benefits do you get working at Vodafone?

Income protection, dental cover, critical illness insurance and personal accident insurance all available through flexible benefits scheme. Minimum of 23-28 days a year, depending on the business area. Employees are also entitled to an additional day for each five years’ of service up to a maximum of three extra days.

Is Vodafone a good employer?

Vodafone is a great company to work for and an opportunity that I am forever grateful for! Not only do they have a fantastic graduate programme, which allows for constant personal and professional development but the overall company culture is incredible.

Is Netflix data free on Vodafone?

The Fee will be charged each month via Pay with Vodafone to your Vodafone bill, unless you cancel prior by calling 1555. Must create/have a Netflix account to activate your Netflix subscription. Data charges not included and will be charged according to your Eligible Plan data allowance.

How many lines can I have with Vodafone?

How many lines can I hire? A maximum of four lines for each owner and each one can have the rate you need. In addition, you are additional Vodafone lines they have no permanence.

How do I get more data on Vodafone?

Need more data? Choose, add, and remove Data Extras in My Vodafone – just look under Services and Extras. You can also manage Data Extras in the My Vodafone app. If you find you’re often going over your limit, change to a plan with a bigger data allowance, or try adding a data cap to your existing plan.

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