Your question: How do you get a free drink at mcdonalds?

MCDONALD’S fans can bag a free hot drink when they download the fast food chain’s app. The high street giant is offering the deal to newbies who register with the free My McDonald’s app. Customers who take advantage of the offer can choose any regular size hot drink, including coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

How do you get free drinks from mcdonalds?

Order in-restaurant and Drive-thru

If you’re ordering in-restaurant or using the Drive-thru, start by opening up the My McDonald’s app and head to the ‘Deals’ section. Next, select ‘Earn a free McCafé®’ at the top of the page and tap ‘Add to code’.

How do I get a free Mccafe drink?

Try out McDonald’s new coffee menu for free!

This includes all the classic McCafé drinks and McDonald’s newest coffee menu additions including the Caramel Macchiato, Americano and cappuccino! To get this deal, simply download the McDonald’s app, select the offer and place an order of $1 or more through the app.

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How do I claim my Mcdonalds rewards?

To redeem in store or Drive Thru, select rewards and choose the item you want to redeem, then choose “Use at Restaurant” to get the 4-digit code you can provide the crew before you start ordering. At this time, you cannot redeem a reward in a delivery order.

How do you get the free drink from Mcdonalds app?

Offer comprises of one free regular sized McCafé hot drink per Eligible Customer only when ordered via the “Deals” section of the My McDonald’s app by clicking on the button describing this offer in that section and by placing your order for the selected item at a participating McDonald’s Restaurant from 12.00 on 22 …

What is free day out Mcdonalds?

What is the Free Day Out prize? The Free Day Out prize is a free entry admission to a participating attraction listed on this promotional prize website. There’s heaps of great name attractions and activities to choose from including Sea Life Aquariums, Aqua Parks, Escape Rooms, bowling, paintballing and more.

How do you claim Mcdonalds Monopoly?

You’ll need to hand the game pieces over to a member of staff when you collect your meal. If you’ve won free food in the online game then you’ll get a unique QR code, along with a 12 digit code that you can scan or enter at the kiosk or via the app. You can’t redeem these prizes over the checkout.

Do McCafe rewards expire?

You’ve earned all of your McCafé Rewards—you’re not losing anything, we’ve got you covered. … Any McCafé rewards you’ve earned after December 27, 2020 will expire 60 days from the date you earned them.

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How do you claim Mcdonalds Monopoly rewards?

Guests will automatically be entered when they Mobile Order, scan their McDonald’s Rewards card/code or redeem an offer/deal on the McDonald’s app. *No purchase required. Open to residents of Canada.

How do I redeem McDonald’s free fries?

To redeem your free menu item at the front counter, kiosk or drive-thru, scan your free McDonald’s Rewards offer found in the “Offers” section of the McDonald’s app.

How do I check my Mcdonalds Monopoly codes?

First, peel back the sticker to reveal the game piece. Then you must register or log in to an account on the McDonald’s website or app. You can enter the 10-digit code on the piece to see if you’re a winner. Each sticker has a unique code that gives a chance to win a prize in the online draw.

How does the McDonald’s rewards work?

Using the app to order food or scanning in-store will rack up points on purchases, which can be exchanged for free menu items. Each dollar spent equals 100 points. Once customers reach 1500 points (about $15 worth of purchases) they’re eligible to redeem a free item.

How do you get free food from mcdonalds?

How To Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s In 2022?

  1. Download the McDonald’s App. …
  2. Use the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program Tab in the App. …
  3. Always Fill Out the Survey on the Receipt. …
  4. Use Groupon and Other Websites to Get Gift Cards at Discounted Prices. …
  5. Sign up for the McDonald’s Newsletter. …
  6. Use the McCafe Loyalty Program for Free Coffee.
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How do I get Mcdonalds coffee vouchers?

Order in-restaurant and Drive-thru

An easy way to collect McCafé stamps is to order and pay for your McCafé through the My McDonald’s app. When ordering through the app your stamps will be automatically added.

What’s in a McSpicy?

The new McSpicy burger comes with a spicy chicken fillet, lettuce and mayo, sandwiched between two toasted sesame seed buns.